OTTUMWA — Local officials said Wapello County has hit a significant milestone in the COVID-19 pandemic, with 200 patients now listed as recovered.

The figures from Wapello County Public Health and the county’s emergency management agency said 206 people have recovered, a swift rise over the course of the past few days. It’s equivalent to 44.6 percent of the county’s known cases.

It’s not unexpected, though. Local numbers of cases began surging about two weeks ago, which meant people have had time to recover.

The county figures differ significantly from those maintained by the Iowa Department of Public Health. Those have consistently been below the state’s figures, sometimes by considerable amounts.

The most recent figures from the state show both more people infected locally (476) and fewer people having recovered (153). The state’s tracking of recoveries has in the past taken longer to catch up to local figures.

Eleven people are hospitalized locally for treatment of the virus.

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