Wapello County courthouse

County Supervisors donated funds to SIRG (Southeast Iowa Response Group) and American Baseball Legion at the weekly Board of Supervisors meeting. Meetings are held very Tuesday at 9:30 a.m. (unless otherwise noted) on the third floor of the courthouse. Meetings are open to the public. 

OTTUMWA — Many residents may not have thousands of dollars to donate, but county supervisors are the exception.

At the weekly board of supervisors meeting, the two biggest points revolved around donations to new vehicle purchase for SIRG (Southeast Iowa Response Group) and funds to American Legion Baseball.

SIRG is a group of fire departments in nine counties, including Wapello County Rural Fire Department, that respond to emergencies like rollovers, spills or train accidents.

The Ottumwa Fire Department, also involved SIRG, recently purchasied a new vehicle that is housed next to its station.

“With this one vehicle, it was able to carry all equipment that was in the other two,” County Supervisor Jerry Parker said. “We took out $30,000 out of our balance and applied to it. We sold the other two vehicles and supplied to it [the purchase].”

Since nine counties are involved in the share of the new vehicle, they will also have to pay their share, which comes to $3,000. To Parker and County Supervisor Brain Morgan, the payment was necessary. “I recommend we pay it,” Parker said. “It’s a real asset to serve.”

“[Ottumwa Fire Chief] Tony [Miller] worked pretty hard to get that done in a short time frame,” Morgan said.

Not only did Miller work hard to allow the new purchase, he was grateful for what it can provide to the fire department and community.

“Thanks to all the SIRG Board of Supervisors for allowing us to purchase this vehicle,” Miller said. “This will take care of a lot of problems by consolidating two vehicles down to one with only 4,000 miles instead of 130,000 and 117,000 miles.”

Supervisors also donated thousands of dollars to American Legion Baseball. Morgan said their check went toward expanding American Legion’s food pavilion area, a project volunteers and those a part of the American Legion plan to work on. Private donations were also given to the Legion.

“Putting a grill underneath was a good asset,” Morgan said. “It’s one of the nicest in the state of Iowa. This check will cover the pavilion. It will also have a roof that will go over the concession area. It will be a nice addition to the field over there.”

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