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KNOXVILLE — An Eddyville man will be under government supervision for the rest of his life after being convicted of third-degree sexual abuse.

Spencer Vancenbrock, 25, was charged in March with two counts of third-degree sexual abuse and three counts of supplying alcohol to a minor. He was 23 when the Knoxville Police Department received a report that he had twice sexually abused a 15-year-old victim.

Vancenbrock pleaded guilty to one charge of sexual abuse and received a 10-year suspended prison sentence. He must also complete five years’ probation and register as a sex offender. The other charges were dismissed.

The sentence also included a provision that Vancenbrock “shall be under supervision as if on parole” for the rest of his life. He must also complete a sex offender treatment program.

The original criminal complaint in the case accused Vancenbrock of twice abusing the teen after giving her alcohol “to the point of intoxication.”

Vancenbrock was also fined $1,000 plus a 35 percent surcharge, and was ordered to pay restitution.

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