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Julie Engle, center, and other volunteers man the raffle table at the entrance to the Vendor and Craft Show Saturday.

OTTUMWA — Area vendors, crafters and artisans came together at Bridge View Center to promote their wares and support a good cause.

On rows of tables there were goods and crafts for anyone. From one table to another you would see handcrafted jewelry then independent sales businesses like Scentsy or itWorks. One section was devoted to local beekeepers who sold everything from honeycombs to lip balms.

“We live 13 miles from Bloomfield,” said Bobby Hershey of Hershey’s Honey.

Farther down the line were homemade accessories. The woman at the booth said each piece was one of a kind.

“Real crystal,” she said. “And real, if it’s a stone, it’s a real semi-precious stone. If it looks like turquoise, it is turquoise.”

At the front, closest to the doors, there was a homemade, soy-based candle table. Frequently, the hum of chatter was stopped with the buzz of a taser from the self-defense station. One passerby squealed when a taser was tested out right behind them.

Right outside of the vendor and craft show sat a table dedicated to a raffle. Prizes were donated by each of the vendors in the back hall. The amount of tickets depended on how much a person paid, and they put their name and phone number on each card. Tickets were selected around 2 p.m., and winners were called.

“Everything that is here, they are selling in there,” said Julie Engle at the raffle table. “You do not have to be present to win. We will give you a ring.”

Profits from the raffle tickets go to the Susan G. Komen foundation for researching a cure. There was also a chance to sign up for the fundraising walk coming up.

Many vendors commented on how nice the show was. It gave them a chance to promote their business or craft and allowed for activity on a chilly weekend.

Saturday’s shoppers left with T-shirts, candles, jewelry and much more. While many attended to see what was going on, many shoppers went to Bridge View with specific vendors in mind, and no one seemed disappointed in their finds.

Aaryn Frazier can be reached at or on Twitter at CourierAaryn.


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