Artist Kesryth Urban

Artist Kesryth Urban will be hosting a portrait demonstration and his first solo exhibit “Pillars of the Community” at the Fairfield Arts and Convention Center from 6-9 p.m. Friday evening.

FAIRFIELD — The public is invited to unleash their inner creativity at Friday’s Fairfield Art Association (FAA) portrait demonstration from 6-9 p.m. at the Fairfield Arts and Convention Center.

Local Artist Kesryth Urban will be showing the public how to paint portraits using the “alla prima,” or “wet-on-wet,” technique.

“Alla Prima means ‘first attempt,’” FAA Volunteer Director Suzan Kessel said, “a style of painting wet-on-wet in one sitting with each portrait taking three to five hours to complete. This is Kesryth’s preferred method of painting as it helps capture this immediacy of the moment and keeps the painting feeling fresh.”

Kessel is excited for Urban’s demonstration and for people to get to know his talent.

“He is self-taught and, while only having been oil painting since 2018,” Kessel said, “Kesryth has already made a reputation as an upcoming artist to watch in northeast Florida and now Iowa. While living in Florida one could find Kesryth along the intercoastal of Ormond Beach or along the marinas in St. Augustine plein air painting.”

Urban will also host his first exhibit, “Pillars of the Community,” Friday evening at the center. It features eight portraits of Fairfield community members: Bill Teeple, Werner Elmker, Ed Malloy, Dr. John Hagelin, Betsy Howland, Sarah Cochran, Jewel McDonald and Suzan Kessel.

“The show is really a living retrospective of the people who help make Fairfield the wonderful place we all enjoy,” Urban said. “Too often we wait to celebrate someone posthumously instead of when they’re still here actively doing great things.

“With this exhibit,” Urban added, “my hope is people look at these portraits and take a moment to think of these pillars of our community and appreciate them here and now while they’re still with us and give them a hug or tell them ‘thank you.’ Appreciating those who make our lives special is what this show is all about.”

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