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OTTUMWA — An Ottumwa city council member is trying to put a spotlight on the city’s dog park — literally.

Holly Berg said the city’s parks department is willing to install a solar-powered light at the entrance to the park if people raise enough money to purchase the light. That led Berg to set up a campaign on

“I got a phone call from some dog park users who were wondering whether this was something that could get put up,” Berg said. Many of the park users take their dogs before or after work, and at this time of year that often means being out in the dark.

There were a couple hurdles to overcome. First was that the idea was new, which means it was not in the budget. Fundraising could take care of that, though. But the dog park doesn’t have easy access to a power supply, either. That’s where a light run off a solar-powered battery comes in.

The campaign hopes to raise $2,225 for the light. The plan calls for installing it near the entrance to the park.

“The amount we’re raising is exactly what we’ll need for one light,” Berg said. If it goes well, and if the light boosts use at the park, Berg is open to additional fundraisers for more lighting.

As of Tuesday morning, pledges were at $310, well short of the goal. Berg was hopeful, though, that people would put their bucks behind their bark.


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