OTTUMWA — Jacob Heckethorn will spend up to 52 years in prison after his convictions on charges of second-degree murder and assault with intent to commit serious injury.

Heckethorn received a 50-year sentence for the murder charge, the maximum possible under Iowa law, and a two-year sentence for the assault conviction. Court documents indicated the sentences will run consecutively.

The sentence could allow Heckethorn to be released early, but he must serve at least 70 percent of the sentence. That’s more than 35 years.

Jurors convicted Heckethorn of second-degree murder in November. The charge was a lesser included offense to the first-degree murder count he originally faced. Had he been convicted of that charge, Iowa law would have required a life sentence.

The conviction is for the August 2018 death of William Shettlesworth. Charges of attempted murder are still pending in a second shooting from August 2018 in which prosecutors said Heckethorn wounded an Ottumwa man.

In other area cases:

• Zachary Barr’s trial on charges of sexual exploitation by a counselor or therapist, as well as other sex offenses, was continued to March 3.

• Son Nguyen’s trial on multiple sexual abuse charges was continued to March 23.

• Coady Molesworth received a five-year suspended sentence for failure to comply with Iowa’s sex offender registry. He will serve five years on probation.

• Stacey Crabbe, arrested last week on a charge of attempted murder, has had a public defender appointed. Co-defendant Skyler Stokes has applied for a defense attorney to be appointed.

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