Iowa Workforce Development hosts workshop

Iowa Workforce Development hosts workshop in the library, offering help with job searches, resumes and other career questions.

OTTUMWA — It’s not always easy to prepare resumes or for job interviews. Luckily some of those burdens can be lifted by Iowa Workforce Development.

Iowa Workforce has always offered help, but very recently decided to come to the Ottumwa Public Library in order to make the commute easier for Ottumwa residents as well as people who live in Southeast Iowa.

Workforce Advisor Sandra Trejo said this was the second time the workshop was set up in the library and everyone working at Iowa Workforce Development in Ottumwa thought it would be interesting to move to the library based on input from current clients.

“Transportation was the main issue for our community and we decided to set up a mobile clinic or out reach more into the community and bring the same services from the office,” Trejo said.

Trejo said she has seen some success, but also said she would like to see the workshop advertised more. The workshop has also partnered with Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services.

Trejo said a major goal is to bring the Adult Education Center as an additional representative. Getting this other asset may not be easy, but Trejo is willing to work for it.

“Having them depends on their availability,” Trejo said. “They are interested in participating as well, so maybe next time we come over they will be with us, but the thought is there.”

Trejo already said some clients come to Iowa WorkForce on the third Thursday of each month, but she hopes to implement this exact time frame for the workshop at the library and even have extended hours, too.

“We are only doing it half a day,” she said, “but if this continues increasing we want to make it happen all day and make it happen more often to serve the community.”

Holly Boudreaux goes to Iowa Workforce often, but Thursday was the first time she stepped foot into the library’s workshop. For her it was unexpected, as she needed to work on her resume anyway.

As Boudreaux was busy working on her resume, she talked about how she has benefitted from this workshop and why she keeps coming back.

“Attending classes through Workforce have helped us [Boudreaux and her husband] in trying to better ourselves and finding employment that may not been known to the general public,” Boudreaux said. “They are really good at assisting and answering questions you may have about trying to find employment.”

Trejo hasn’t only helped Ottumwa residents with resumes and other questions. Billy Beeler, a man from Missouri who travels 50 miles not just for work, got help from Trejo and from Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services.

“Coming up here makes no difference because I appreciate the one on one interaction I get here,” Beeler said. “That’s what makes the difference. [Trejo] she’s the best of the best here.”

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