ISG's Kruizenga address county supervisors

Cole Kruizenga of ISG Field Services updates county supervisors on the Dakota Access Pipeline at Tuesday’s county board meeting.

OTTUMWA — Cole Kruizenga of ISG Field Services told Wapello County Supervisors that he’s found no major problems along the Dakota Access Pipeline and that any complaints from landowners can be forwarded to his office.

Kruizenga said Tuesday night that ISG has done a walk-though of the entire track through Wapello County. “A majority of what we’re finding in Wapello County is sunken ditch line,” he said. Fixing the depressions is just a matter of regrading.

“The worst I’ve seen is probably like a 12-inch depression,”Kruizenga said.

“I got a call last week about a depression,” said Supervisor Brian Morgan. Kruizenga told supervisors that if landowners contact them about problems with depressions, or other issues, they can contact him.

“If something’s not draining right … just have them call us,” Kruizenga said.

Kruizenga also said that ISG is working on tile maps with Dakota Access and landowners were happy to see those. Mapping efforts are underway in Mahaska County and should be coming to Wapello County soon, Kruizenga said.

Kruizenga said incidents of vandalism should also be reported to ISG. “I believe had an incident in Van Buren County last week,” he said.

Supervisors also discussed the state’s new law allowing the sale and use of fireworks in Iowa. Supervisor Chairman Jerry Parker said the county cannot restrict the sale or purchase of fireworks but can restrict usage.

“We can say that we want to limit the use, prohibit the use, or [do nothing],” Parker said. “I think for this year we should just go along with what the state says.”

Parker said he spoke with an attorney from the Iowa State Association of Counties who said the county doesn’t have to take any action if it wants to accept the guidelines set in the state law. “If we want to do it that way, we don’t have to do anything,” Parker said.

“I say we don’t do anything,” said Morgan.

Supervisor Greg Kenning said he’d talked with other counties and none had planned to act to limit the new law. Parker said he’d talked to three mayors in the county, and they also had no plans to restrict the state law.

Parker and County Engineer Brian Moore expressed concern about the inspection of the buildings and tents where fireworks will be sold. “The state expects to have 400 of these statewide,” Parker said, and he doesn’t believe the state fire marshal will have time to inspect them all. The county may have to inspect some of the structures.

“Maybe as we get closer, we’ll have an idea how they’ll be inspected,” Parker said.

As far as enforcing the use and the hours of use, “We have our nuisance ordinance, and that’s how we’re going to enforce anything,” Parker said.

The sale and use of fireworks have been illegal in Iowa since the 1930s. Parker said Wapello County deputies have had success using the nuisance ordinance to convince residents to stop annoying their neighbors with the explosives.

In other business, supervisors:

• Accepted the canvass of the May 2 special election in Blakesburg. Bill Mitchell won the mayoral race and Jason Myer will fill the vacant council seat. “That 66 percent, that was really a nice turnout,” said Kenning.

• Rejected all bids for the Grey Eagle parking lot project at the request of Moore due to inconsistency in bidding.

• Discussed hiring an intern for the county’s GIS (Graphic Information System) office.

• Discussed looking into jail expansion in the future of the jail population continues to rise.

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