The family of Army Specialist Vanessa Guillen, the soldier sexually harassed and murdered on Fort Hood in 2020, is pushing for new compensation options for survivors of sexual assault. Mayra Guillen has been very outspoken about the injustice her sister endured while serving in the army. She and her attorney Natalie Khawam are working with members of congress, including Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and Representative Jackie Speier, to promote adding an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act. Right now active-duty service members have no recourse for matters of sexual assault or misconduct.But amendment 3870 would create a formal complaint process for victims of sexual assault and their families to file a claim seeking financial compensation. Amendment 3870 could be up for a vote this week. If it passes service members who are victims of sexual misconduct will be able to immediately start filing claims against the government. Content Exchange Content Exchange