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County Supervisors will discuss funds at Tuesday’s meeting. Weekly meetings are held at 9:30 a.m. (unless noted otherwise) every Tuesday on the third floor of the court house.

OTTUMWA — Some may joke about county supervisors having money trees, especially because they plan to donate to a number of organizations.

County Supervisor Jerry Parker said he and the supervisors plan to donate to the Ottumwa Fire Department and to American Legion Baseball at Tuesday’s Board of Supervisors meeting.

The OFD’s share of $3,230.53 will be used for the county’s purchase of a new vehicle for SIRG (Southeast Iowa Response Group). This affects the fire department because they were in need of new vehicle, as their two other vehicles (which were recently sold) were not able to meet their expectations of storing equipment and responding to emergencies.

Parker said other counties also contributed shares of $3,230.53 in order to keep this new vehicle.

“Although this vehicle is only housed in the building next to Ottumwa’s fire department,” Parker said, “the nine other counties are still able to use this. This is a big deal because emergencies don’t just go away.”

Supervisors plan to donate $2,500 to American Legion Baseball so the team can not only purchase new equipment, but also see improvements at games.

“For baseball players and baseball enthusiasts alike, this will be a big deal,” Parker said, “as these improvements are in regard to the concession stands,” Parker said. “It will be more efficient [the space for people to store and prepare food] and people can better serve at the concession stands. People will certainly see this as they go to the concession stand to buy their favorite snacks.”

One last big point the supervisors will talk about is the ongoing cleanup and debris removal contract for 6052 Ave for $7,000. Parker said a while ago, this property was declared a nuisance and now the owner is working on cleaning it and fixing it up, which totals to $7,000. Before the owner didn’t do much cleaning, which meant the county had to step in.

The cleanup is done ,but Parker said there’s still more to do. He said the work will continue but will be worth the time.

“The cleanup is done and putting up the property taxes,” he said. “It was declared a nuisance in the first place because people complained about it. We have to continue the work because it is a nice neighborhood.”

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