Wapello County Court House

County Supervisors will discuss their annual contract with Food Bank of Iowa this coming Tuesday. Board of Supervisors meetings are held every Tuesday at 9:30 a.m. Meetings are open to the public. 

OTTUMWA — Not everyone in Wapello County have the means of donating thousands of dollars to a food bank, but county supervisors do.

Their financial contribution doesn’t stop there. Supervisors will also donate funds to make sure Eldon’s police department will get a rescue boat.

At Tuesday’s board of supervisors meeting, the Food Bank of Iowa will ask supervisors to contribute funds and supervisors will discuss how much they can contribute for Eldon’s future rescue boat.

County Supervisor Jerry Parker said the presentation by Food Bank of Iowa is in regard to the annual contract the county has with the Food Bank of Iowa. The contract is an extension of regulations, an agreement for county supervisors to give funds to the food bank and deliver food to county residents when needed, so food bank workers can supply food products to residents in need.

Supervisors will also ask about the food bank’s progress with meeting needs, go over any contract details and discuss how their partnership is going.

“Typically 200 to 300 individuals qualify for food boxes,” Parker said, “it really is an agreement to solicit food by donations. We (county supervisors) typically invest $9,000 so they can purchase food products.”

The other main focus is how much supervisors will contribute to Eldon’s future inflatable rescue boat for their sheriff's department.

Since Eldon does not have a rescue boat, Wapello County sheriff's department and supervisors are working with the department in Eldon to make sure they get an inflatable rescue boat. Eldon’s department will also get a trailer as well.

“Inflatable serves better and it has a safer purpose,” Parker said, “instead of a Jon, they’ll have an inflatable. Ottumwa’s fire department will use their extra motor on the inflatable (for Eldon).”

Parker and other supervisors will contribute $10,000 for the purchase of the inflatable boat. “We will supply the funds, but the purchase of a huge rescue boat will be obtained by the (Eldon) department,” he said, “everyone will benefit. The county feels obligated to contribute and assist by giving an engine for inflatable use.”

— Chiara Romero can be reached at cromero@ottumwacourier.com.