48 Hour OWI Classes are now offered at Ottumwa

OTTUMWA — Some people in life feel as if they have nowhere to turn to when they deal with health issues.

Regina Rudlich, a substance abuse counselor, wants to make sure those people can come to her when life gets rough.

Rudlich has hosted 48 hour OWI diversion classes since 2012, hoping to help those who struggle with substance abuse or other health-related issues. Rudlich talks about heart disease, other health related issues, drinking responsibly and ways people can seek support for alcoholism and drug abuse.

“In these classes, people learn safe drinking habits,” Rudlich said, “they learn to make wise decisions before they go down a path that will get worse.”

The classes also discuss four different phases of alcoholism. The first phase is the pre-alcoholic

Stage, which doesn’t show signs of a drinking problem. The next is the early-alcoholic stage, which consists of lying about drinking problems and the last two phases highlight the drinking problems.

For awhile, Rudlich only gave classes in Des Moines, but recently branched out and has been giving classes all over southeast Iowa, including Ottumwa. “I wanted to give residents of Ottumwa options to seek support,” Rudlich said. “I want to expand to other places in rural Iowa because everyone has struggles. Some come in anxious. Whatever the situation is I’m not there to judge.”

Rudlich wants more residents to sign up for these courses to seek any help they need and to keep their health safe. “Our programs are a load of info for people,” Rudlich said. “We look forward to new people and helping them wherever they are. We also have a Spanish interpreter for those who don’t speak English.”

Helping people is the ultimate goal for Rudlich. “When people leave this class and they still need help — I want people to give me a call,” she said. “My job doesn’t end when I walk out that door.”

(48 hour diversion classes cost $375. People who want to sign up for these 48 Hour Diversion classes can go to www.owischools.com or www.urbandreams.org or call Regina Rudlich at (515) 288-4742)

— Chiara Romero can be reached at cromero@ottumwacourier.com.