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OTTUMWA — The old brick building on 307 East Main has been vacant for some time now. County Supervisor Brian Morgan said there will be a change to it. The building is being sold and now taxes will be removed.

“It’s more or less to cancel out taxes because it’s city owned,” Morgan said. “Now someone can refurbish it.”

Morgan is unsure when someone will refurbish it, but hopes someone will because of what it could provide for the community.

“If someone wanted to open up a new business of some sort,” Morgan said, “this would be a great opportunity for them, but also for residents who are looking for something to do or maybe try something new.”

Another big change residents can look forward to is the Wildwood Drive resurfacing. Morgan said Wildwood Drive is a small stretch owned by the county that will be paved out and re-asphalted costing a total of $24,000 to complete. Despite the cost, Morgan said the project was worth it because of the benefits it provides for residents and contractors.

“It just made sense to do,” he said. “Residents don’t have to worry about driving over these potholes on this rough road and the contractors don’t have to worry about the endless reconstruction. It really was all about getting this project set up and running.”

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