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Team Iowa Missions is going to hold a costume fundraiser party in order to raise funds for members to go to Haiti in order to spread the gospel. The fundraiser will take place from 5-8p.m. October 12 at the Greater Ottumwa Park.

OTTUMWA — Halloween doesn’t just have to be about costumes, fun, candy and halloween parties. Team Iowa Missions also believes it can be a great opportunity to give back to a third world country.

From 5-8 p.m. October 12 at Jimmy Jones Shelter, Team Iowa Missions, a non-profit organization dedicated to spreading the gospel, will host a costume party in order to raise money for team members to go to Haiti.

Lisa Gillespie, one of the event organizers said there will be a bouncy castle, games, a DJ, clown and food. She said this fundraiser was inspired five years ago.

“I wasn’t able to hold the fundraiser because of health reasons,” she said, “but it was my dream as I was not able to go to Haiti. I’m still really excited and there’s a lot of us sponsoring children.”

Gillsepie said there was no specific amount her and members want to raise, as long as they can raise enough money for people in Haiti.

“The amount raised will go toward school uniforms for the children,” Gillsepie said, “and to help children in orphanages. We want to show them love through Christ Jesus. We want to raise a significant amount of money to bring to families. Other funds will be used to build a home there, for food, medical supplies and Bibles.”

While the use of funds is set, Gillespie  said there’s still uncertainty if members will be able to go to Haiti in February due to political unrest. Despite this, Gillespie is confident in what the fundraiser will do.

“The compassion to help those people changed my whole life,” she said. I used to be a CASA volunteer and Hospice volunteer and on one of the cards it read, ‘hundred years from now, it will not matter what bank account you have — the world will be different from now,’ this quote applies to what we are doing and to this fundraiser and mission trip. I feel in my heart that this will be a great success. I thought ‘what better time than now?’”

Lisa Gillespie encourages attendees to wear a costume to the fundraiser. RSVP is not required, but is appreciated. For questions or to make a reservation contact Gillespie at (641) 777-0166 or email

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