OTTUMWA — An Ottumwa man faces multiple charges after police accused him of providing guns to a family member who was barred from having them.

Blake McFarling, 34, is charged with transferring a pistol or revolver to an unauthorized person, fraudulent purchase of firearms or ammunition, and making a false report. The first two charges at Class D felonies, while the third is a serious misdemeanor.

The charges were filed June 9 and a warrant was issued the next day. The Wapello County Sheriff’s Department said McFarling was arrested Tuesday.

Court papers said McFarling bought a handgun on March 21, which he later gave to an unnamed family member who “is not able to legally purchase and/or possess a firearm. He is also accused of buying a rifle for the family member after that person gave him $400 for the purchase.”

The false report charge stems from authorities’ accusation that McFarling reported a firearm stolen when he had, in fact, given it to a relative.

Bond was set at $11,000.

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