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PACKWOOD — One of three defendants accused by authorities of participating in a 2018 bank robbery has reached a plea bargain. Charges against the remaining two have been increased.

Ethan Spray was is charged with first degree robbery. Authorities say he robbed the Pilot Grove Savings Bank in Packwood, and that Jordan Crawford and Ross Thornton were also involved in the robbery.

Court documents show Spray reached a plea agreement and that he “will be pleading to a felony.” The publicly-available documents do not say what level felony the plea involves. His plea hearing is set for Sept. 9.

Crawford and Thornton were originally charged with aiding and abetting the Packwood bank robbery. Prosecutors have now charged each with first degree robbery, a Class B felony that carries the potential for 25 years in prison.

Court documents accused Thornton of driving the car in which Spray fled the bank after the robbery, and said Crawford helped plan the robbery and babysat for Spray while the robbery took place.

Thornton and Crawford have pleaded not guilty.

The plea bargain does not mean Spray’s legal challenges are over. He also faces charges in Keokuk County in connection with the Aug. 6, 2018 robbery of the South Ottumwa Savings Bank in Hedrick.

Spray’s trial in Keokuk County is scheduled for Sept. 10. he has pleaded not guilty.


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