March 24-31

Beatriz Ramirez Espinoza of Ottumwa to Fernando Vasquez, Ottumwa

Liliana Abigail Velasco Martinez of Ottumwa to Oscar Armando Duran Gonzalez, Ottumwa.

Summer Denise West of Ottumwa to Colt Edward Brown, Ottumwa.

Land transfers

March 20

Nealene Beth Brown to Dezerae Stewart, 938 S. James St., $40,000 to $40,500.

Karen K. Carnes to Ruby C. Jackson, 131 S. Schuyler St., $53,500 to $54,000.

Julian Campbell Real Estate, Inc., to Steven Lee and Elizabeth Lee, lot in Ottumwa, $3,500 to $4,000.

March 21

Eric Leffler, Brian G. Leffler and Kathryn Leffler to Eric Richard Sanden and Julie La Rhonda Rene Sandeen, vacant land, $243,700 to $244,200.

Timothy Lynn Deiters Estate to Todd Douglas Phillips and Barbara Taylor Phillips, farm land, $1,071,510 to $1,072,010.

March 22

Robert Box, Betty Chapman and James M. Box to Frase Company Rentals, LLC, 727 Quincy Ave., $140,000 to $140,500.

Jackson Salter and Carmen Salter to Hugo D. Merida, 502 Lake Drive, $125,000 to $125,500.

March 23

James D. Francis 1999 Revocable Trust dated Nov. 24, 1999, to Blunt Investments, LLC, 2336 Timber Lane Heights, $75,000 to $75,500.

Brent A. Edel and Kari Edel to Edward J. Denton and Jeri H. Takimoto, unimproved ground in Blakesburg, $247,000 to $247,500.

March 26

Shawn O. Bagley to Steven E. Richards and Melissa Richards, 1457 Casa Blanca Lane, $80,000 to $80,500.

Steven D. Lasley and Janet S. Lasley to Anh Phuong, 1005 E. Williams St., $75,000 to $75,500.

Rick Nancy Developments to Lynissa Susanne Lasley, 322 N. Ferry St., $45,000 to $45,500.

Alan W. Bennink and Cindy K. Bennink to John Falkner and Laura Falkner, 202 N. Van Buren Ave., $24,000 to $24,500.

Ginger L. Robinson to Weston H. Karp and Marissa E. Karp, 2652 Kenwood St., $116,500 to $117,000.

Ron and Linda Barton to Kodjo Bossou and Abla Assigno, 816 Center Ave., $82,400 to $82,900.

William E. Jones to Hopkins Properties, LLC, 17 Kingsley Drive, $84,000 to $84,500.

Anthony Richard Fischer Jr. To Edward and Angela Wickenkamp, 138 Taft, $34,000 to $34,500.

Jon C. Simplot and Cheryl A. Simplot to Donald C. Swanson and Patricia R. Swanson, land in Ottumwa, $659,325 to $659,825.

March 27

Vancil L. Shaw to James Carnahan, 1328 Bluegrass Road, $35,500 to $36,000.

Logan and Stephanie Thorne to Jaylon and Jenna Bergin, 809 High St., Eldon, $147,000 to $147,500.

Dixie R. Carder to Cousins Realty, 524 Minnesota St., $32,000 to $32,500.

Mary Maxine Edgington to Donald E. LaRue Sr. And Linda LaRue, 108 Fairview Ave., $63,000 to $63,500.

March 29

City of Ottumwa to Poole’s Truck Service, Inc., lot on South Ash Street, $25,000 to $25,500.

Joshua E. Gridley and Juanita P. Ramirez-Gridley to Kevin W. Line and Paula J. Line, 814 Queen Anne Ave., $69,000 to $69,500.

Eldon and Betty Spurgeon to Ryan and Rachel D. Hickenbottom, bare land, $73,000 to $73,500.

Bucket List, LLC, to Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation, land in Wapello County, $267,000 to $267,500.

Steve W. Jones and Junella L. Jones to George L. Fox III, 309 N. Iowa Ave., $61,854 to $62,354.

March 30

David G. Harris and Linda M. Harris to Poker Face, LLC, 109 S. Clay St., $32,000 to $32,500.

Brent and Kari Edel to Timothy A. Kittel, bare land, $600,000 to $600,500.

Walter Kamerick Jr. to John A. Sholes, 213 Clayton, $25,000 to $25,500.

Waide Fleming and Kristie Fleming to Troy Garber and Deanna Garber, bare ground, $44,000 to $44,500.

G&G Global Investments, LLC, to Josh Lunt and Brandy, 315 N. Jefferson St., $4,000 to $4,500.

Marla D. Kent to John A. Sholes, 106 S. Vine St., $15,000 to $15,500.

Sterling J. Daniels to American Children’s Trust, 215 N. McClean St., $17,000 to $17,500.

Joel and Angela Crist to Jimmie and Judith Matheney, 1516 W. Finley Ave., $250,000 to $250,500.

Estate of Gladyth I. Stuhr to Raymond Gene Phillips Trust, 2270 W. Main St., $31,000 to $31,500.

April 2

Jerry and Carolyn Robinson to Cody and Ann Millikin, 18702 40th Ave., Hedrick, $175,000 to $175,500.

Jose and Martha Soto to Charles and Bonnie Denham, 1064 Hancock St., $39,000 to $39,500.

Ed and Lisa Black to Jaime Sanchez, 610 Church St., $18,000 to $18,500.