Jan. 1

Tonya Ann Neff Garnsey of Ottumwa to Eric Lee Clements, Ottumwa.

Land transfers

Dec. 23

Sally Jo Heckethor to Gaylon and Kara Sager, 407 Ninth St., Eldon, $45,000 to $45,500.

Thomas Rea to Jeremy Richard Morton, 435 Grandview Ave., $15,000 to $15,500.

Julio Guerra and Elsy Escobar DeGuerra to David Guerra Escobar, 1522 Mowrey Ave., $80,000 to $80,500.

Kendall L. Bremer to Brooke L. Bodkins, 302 S. High St., Blakesburg, $73,000 to $73,500.

KEF Properties, LLC, to Jonathan R. See and Mandy L. Hoppe, bare ground, $54,000 to $54,500.

Dec. 28

Michael P. McClure to SEIA Rentals, LLC, 638 Blake St., $15,000 to $15,500.

Frank T. Rinchiuso Sr. and Dixie A. Rinchiuso to Samuel Ward, 24622 Bluegrass Road, Blakesburg, $68,500 to $69,000.

Pyle, LLC, to Swanson Brothers Land and Cattle, L.C., bare land, $176,000 to $176,500.

Great Lakes Restoration, LLC, to Kristy D. Mundt, trustee, 109 S. Cherry St., $72,500 to $73,000.

Cindy I. Graham to Javier Jimenez Camacho and Karla O. Salas Rivera, 701 Glenwood Ave., $90,000 to $90,500.

Estate of Harlan J. McCoy to SEIA Rentals, LLC, 321 S. Ransom St., $52,000 to $52,500.

Laux-Gevock, LLC, to Shawn A. Adam, rural land in 2-71-12 County, $1,329,519 to $1,330,019.

Pyle, LLC, to Donald C. Swanson, trustee of the Donald C. Swanson Revocable Trust dated March 28, 2018, bare land, $924,000 to $924,500.

Dec. 29

Joseph Snook and Amanda Snook to Tin Moe Way and Paw Sar Clay, 206 N. Ash St., $61,000 to $51,500.

Gary E. Coberley to Poole Truck Services, Inc., Steve Poole, 541 S. Iowa Ave. and 529 S. Iowa Ave., $36,000 to $36,500.

Dec. 30

The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Ana Baltazar, 1213 N. Adams Ave., $36,000 to $36,500.

William S. Pierce Jr. and Janice M. Pierce to Jerred S. Pierce, 729 W. Second St., $50,000 to $50,500.

Phillip J. Hankammer and Carmen L. Hankammer, trustees, U/T/A/ Phillip J. Hankammer, to Rodney D. Sieren Trust dated Aug. 22, 2013, and Mary K. Sieren Trust, 6114 Wapello Keokuk, Hedrick, $964,687.50 to $965,187.50.

Dec. 31

Robert Frederick Johnson Jr. to Bryce and Briella Lidtka, 210 E. Pennsylvania Ave., $115,000 to $115,500.

Nisreen A. Jallad to John P. Pothoven, 38 Brookwood Court, $250,000 to $250,500.

Phyllis M. Woods Estate to Benjamin Lopez and Maria E. Mendez Lopez, 207 N. Davis St., $59,000 to $59,500.

Phil Allen LeGrande and Amanda LeGrande Revocable Trust to Jacob J. Wilson, 432 Chester Ave., $78,000 to $78,500.

Heritage Bloomfield Properties, a.k.a. Heritage Bloomfield Properties, LLC, to Vernon Hoover and Evelyn Hoover, 715 Lillian St., $23,000 to $23,500.

Michael E. Shoemaker to Paul M. Juntunen and Kate Juntunen, 2342 N. Court St., $115,000 to $115,500.


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