May 23 to June 15

Madalyn Elizabeth Boehm of Hedrick to John David Hollingsworth, Hedrick.

Carly Melanie Schomaker to Trevor Jordan Rubenzer.

Shaylee AnnMarie Cloke of Eldon to Robert Warren Sedore, Eldon.

Brittany Miranda Derby DeYoung of Ottumwa to Kyle Lee Preston Hoover, Ottumwa.

Debra Denise Lobaugh Denton of Ottumwa to Jason William Jarr, Ottumwa.

June 15

Matthew and Tori Pringle to Randi L. Wilson and Keven Galdamez de Paz, 1314 E. Second St., $73,000 to $73,500.

Charles H. Morrissey and Paula A. Morrissey to Marc Roe, 1841 Gladstone, $215,000 to $215,500.

Brock Simmons to Randall Kilburn and Anisa Kilburn, 2616 Marilyn Road, $135,000 to $135,500.

June 16

Hector Leyva and Luca A. Garcia to Daniel Adare and Massawa Franchesko, 1009 Plum St., $38,000 to $38,500.

Jose R. Garcia-Leon and Andrea Garcia-Diaz to W/Y Real Estate Investments, LLC, 505 N. Ferry St., $60,000 to $60,500.

Domingo Pineda and Avida V. Pineda to Robert C. Argueta-Delgado, 860 S. Adella St., $72,000 to $72,500.

Sharon Leyden and Anthony Eric Leyden to Full Moon Rentals, LLC, by Trenton J. Durflinger, and Full Moon Rentals, LLC, by Kristie S. Durflinger, 317 Albany St., $40,000 to $40,500.

Gregory J. Riley and Lynda M. Riley to Robyn L. Griffiths and Kevin G. Griffiths, 16 Pinehurst Circle, $22,500 to $23,000.

P&M Properties, LLC, to Codie J. and Heather R. Evans, 327 Bryan Road, $189,726 to $190,226.

June 17

Daniel A. Mallonee and Sarah Mallonee to Arnold Van Wardhuizen and Marilyn Hope Van Wardhuizen, 1620 Greenwood Drive, $115,000 to $115,500.

Holland Hill, Inc., to Daniel Mallonee and Sarah Mallonee, 16311 Bluegrass Road, Lot 2, $203,000 to $203,500.

Collin Schulz to Cherokee Parker, 813 Filmore St., $60,400 to $60,900.

June 19

Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., to The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 125 N. Cooper Ave., no price provided.

The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Ramon L. Carrillo, 746 Lake Road, no price provided.

Hugh and Marlene Hardie to Timothy and Rachel Davidson, 1721 N. Court St., $147,000 to $147,500.

Charles A. Wilt and Kristy Sammons to David and Beverly Kooker, 17885 Rock Bluff Road, No. 27, $50,000 to $50,500.

Donna J. Shepherd to Levi J. Kippell, 805 S. Sheridan St., $30,000 to $30,500.