June 1

Stephanie Marie Turner of Ottumwa to Kurtis Ryan Gibbs, Ottumwa.

Shelby Lynn Lagle of Eldon to Christopher Lloyd Jay.

Mycaela Carol Crouse of North Liberty to Kyle William Freischlag, North Liberty.

Land transfers

June 3

Codie A. Amason to Joseph P. Prater and Stephanie D. Prater, 55 Schwartz Drive, $158,900 to $159,400.

Jerry and Julia Potts to Hali Anderson, 598 High St., Eldon, $79,000 go $79,500.

Jeffrey and Jennifer Dalman to Kelly Fisher, 1503 Chester Ave., $50,000 to $50,500.

June 4

Margaret M. Allbright Estate, William Albright, executor, to Ramon Lopez-Carrillo and Maria G. Lopez-Duran, 325 E. Park Ave., $47,500 to $48,000.

Jacquelyn Short to Jake McDowell and Nicole McDowell, 439 E. Main St., Agency, $70,000 to $70,500.

Naomi LeGrande Revocable Trust to David P. Tanksley and Deborah A. Tanksley, 521 S. Ransom St., $88,000 to $88,500.

Priarie Hills at Penn Place, LLC, to Atlantis Senior Living 11, LLC, 1 Pennsylvania Place, $11,629,650 to $11,630,150.

June 6

Jane R. And Julian M. Martinez to Mirna A. Sosa de Flores, 310 Taft Ave., $32,000 to $32,500.

Zachariah and Brittany Forrett to McKenna Graves, 109 Lillian St., $75,000 to $75,500.

Estate of Edith Mae Smith to Tom Delzell and Julie Wickert, 1004 Boone Ave., $39,000 to $39,500.

June 7

Doris S. White to Yunor Tomas-Miguel, 102 N. Iowa Ave., $80,000 to $80,500.

Randall E. Gehring and Ann L. Gehring to Cody L. Lathrop and Kirsten M. Lathrop, 1202 George St., $149,000 to $149,500.

J. Terrence Denefe, trustee, and Coleen A. Denefe, trustee, to Ryan J. Mitchell, 513 E. Alta Vista Ave., $205,000 to $205,500.

Mary E. Szeliga to Noemi Ruiz, 119 S. Schuyler St., $25,000 to $25,500.

Steven W. Jones and Junella L. Jones to G&G Global Investments, LLC, 305 N. Iowa Ave., $47,000 to $47,500.