Feb. 13-14

Raylynn Lalimo of Ottumwa to Jemelon Latior, Ottumwa.

Abby Jo Visser of Martinsburg to Aaron Brooks Stout Sr., Martinsburg.

Eonlina Lojan of Ottumwa to Fredrick Samson, Ottumwa.

Land transfers

March 1

Jerry and Julia Potts to Shane Lawson, 10026 Old Agency Road, Agency, no price provided.

Katherine C. Stewart Estate to Sam She Aung, 150 N. Ward St., $20,000 to $20,500.

Crystal L. (Sedore) Thompson to Jerry Thomas Spurgeon, 805 W. Elm St., Eldon, $23,000 to $23,500.

F&H Farms, LLP, to Philip D. Lyon, trustee for Philip D. Lyon Revocable Trust, bare farmland, $365,000 to $365,500.

Verl Junior Jackson, trustee, under the provisions of the Verl Junior Jackson dated Feb. 13, 2007, as amended and Judith Lou Jackson, trustee under the provisions of the Judith Lou Jackson Trust dated Feb. 13, 2007, to V&J Land, LLC, various parcels in Wapello County, no price provided.

March 2

John Sholes and Rose E. Sholes to Shannon Murray, 334 N. Weller St., $60,000 to $60,500.

Martin C. Roefer and Glenda Sue Roefer to Kevin G. Griffiths and Robyn L. Griffiths, 27 Pinehurst Circle, $330,000 to $330,500.

William B. and Willene J. White to Amanda J. White, 820 Allison Ave., $80,000 to $80,500.

March 3

Ivan Tennyson Revocable Living Trust UTD May 1, 2006, FBO Ivan Tennyson to JKAT Integrity Team, LLC, 117 N. Marion St., $1,750 to $2,250.

Rochelle Tennyson Revocable Living Trust UTD May 1, 2006, FBO Rochelle Tennyson to JKAT Integrity Team, LLC, 117 N. Marion St., $1,750 to $2,250.

Corey D. and Misty D. Sharp to Dana N. Fernandez, 307 E. Maple Ave., $60,000 to $60,500.

Jessica James to Casey McConaughey, 718 Morris St., $40,000 to $40,500.

Raymond Everett Morrison and Kathy D. Morrison to John Voyles and Heather Voyles, 21914 87th St., Blakesburg, $186,000 to $186,500.

March 4

Mary R. Long to Aaron J. Hoyt, 538 S. Webster St., $80,000 to $80,500.

Kersty L Miller to Elmer Mendez-Trujillo, 132 S. Schuyler St., $25,000 to $25,500.

Richard J. Gaumer, referee, to Gary M. Short Jr., 6463 110th Ave., $51,000 to $51,500.

March 5

South East Iowa Physical Therapy, PLCC, to Voyles Property Management, LLC, 115 S. Washington St., no price provided.

Oak Tree Properties, LLC, to Kevin Wick, 642 N. Court St., $3,000 to $3,500.

Oak Terrace Limited Partnership to Ottumwa Housing Authority, 561 Ottumwa St., $709,117 to $709,617.

Victor Byron Winston, executor of the estate of Byron H. Winston, to Fredy Alexander Guerra-Alas and Karla Alejandra Guerra, 13329 Angle Road, $170,000 to $170,500.

John Overmann Estate to Gary M. Short and Katherine L. Short, 236 S. Moore St., 209 Clem St., 2222 E. Main St., 2270 W. Second St., 211 Clem St., 215 Clem St., 216 N. Benton St., and 617 Hobson St., $131,000 to $131,500.


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