Nov. 11-17

Tarik Nejari of Ottumwa to Kaoutar Road, Temple Hills, Maryland.

Chrissy Dudley of Ottumwa to Christopher Baskett, Ottumwa.

Lacey Babcock of Ottumwa to Michael Warren, Ottumwa.

Natalie Hofstetter of Ottumwa to Carl Bennett, Ottumwa.

Land transfers

Nov. 9

Derek W. Gates and Claudia M. Gates to Frank Benedick, 2530 Kenwood St., $165,000 to $165,500.

City of Ottumwa to Aaron Barnett, portion of alley lying between Lots 18, 19 and 20 of the Highland Park Addition, no price provided.

Wendy Lee Watters, executor for the estate of Marsha Colette Mabeus, to Nichole Gevock, 615 Queen Anne Ave., $50,000 to $50,500.

Fern Mitchell to James D. Deevers and Sonni A. Deevers, 305 and 307 S. Main St., Blakesburg, $4,000 to $4,500.

Nov. 12

Joseph Waddle to John and Deanna Waddle, 11239 20th St., Bloomfield, $529,000 to $529,500.

Brent and Kari Edel to Brian and Elena Sporrer, unimproved land, $115,000 to $115,500.

John and Rose Sholes to Nathaniel Welna, 1206 N. Court St., $42,500 to $43,000.

Matthew and Alexandria DenHartog to Justin and Shelby DenHartog, 925 Ingersol Ave., $89,000 to $89,500.

John and Rose Sholes to Matthew and Alexandria DenHartog, 557 Hamilton St., $77,500 to $78,000.

Richard and Melissa Denton to Jerry and Julia Potts, vacant lots, Eldon, $6,000 to $6,500.

Lillian M. Hynick Estate, Barbara Krusemark, executor, to Todd and Kim Moore, land on 25th Avenue, $1,104,000 to $1,104,500.

Peggy Bleything to Nicholas and Stephanie Diveley, vacant ground, $13,000 to $13,500.

Nov. 13

Gerald Bradley Revocable Trust to Joshua Vanness, unimproved land, $344,000 to $344,500.

James and Judy Clingman to Angie Goemaat, 2544 N. Green St., $139,175 to $139,675.

Roger and Sherri May to Kiera Ramos, unimproved land, 10433 155th Ave., Lot 19, $15,000 to $15,500.

Yogi and Amanda Baird to Melissa and Roger Maxey, 720 Lee Ave., $

40,000 to $40,500.

Timothy and Raschel/Rashel Davidson to Mont Poindexter, 9290 100th St., $85,000 to $85,500.

James and Patty Benson to Tom Fullenkamp, 413 W. Elm, Eldon, $30,000 to $30,500.

Arnoldon and Maria Montoya to Joshua and Hannah Steadman, 1814 W. Second St., $53,000 to $53,500.

David Anthony Finney Estate, Dennis Finney, executor, to Ashley and Clayton Hamm, 412 First St., Eldon, $38,000 to $38,500.

Bradley Mosinski to DeWees McCoy Properties, LLC, 1709 W. Finley Ave., $162,500 to $163,000.

Jacquelyn and Daniel Randolph to Kapitena Ignace Nshimba Musaumba and Masengo Marie Louise Diongay, 910 W. Third St., $20,000 to $20,500.

Nov. 16

Turkey Creek Properties, LLC, to Theodore, Terri, Zebulon and Lindsey Hammes, 3810 118th Ave., no price provided (correction warranty deed).

Darrell and Betty Powell to Paul and Joan Heinle, 18636 150th St., Eddyville, $2,500 to $3,000.

Sandra Jean Longdo to Sai Sein Tun II, 643 Hamilton St., $90,000 to $90,500.

Kyle Letts to Joseph Craig Davis, 931 Lillian St., $68,000 to $68,500.

Timothy Schwartz and Fred Zesiger to Appanoose Rapids Mercantile, LLC, 328 E. Main St., $125,000 to $125,500.

Linda Sines to Fredy Valencia Lino, 802 Lillian St., $77,000 to $77,500.

James Bower to Eric and Tami Krantz, 9710 100th Ave., Lot 7, $25,000 to $25,500.

Nando Realty, LLC, to Trinity Court, LLC, 101 W. Main St., $480,250 to $480,750.

Nov. 17

Breaking Gate, LLC, to MLP Properties, LLC, 409 S. Milner St., $35,000 to $35,500.

Breaking Gate, LLC, to MLP Properties, LLC,, 548 Minnesota St., $49,000 to $49,500.

Poker Face, LLC, to MLP Properties, LLC, 109 S. Clay St., $35,000 to $35,500.

Polaris Properties, LLC, to Nathaniel Welna, 734 W. Second St., $50,000 to $50,500.

Poker Face, LLC, to Heritage Bloomfield Properties, 715 Lillian St., $13,000 to $13,500.

Gale and Catherine Martz to Mimi’s Taqueria, Inc., 707-711 Church St., $270,000 to $270,500.

Joshua and Jennifer Nice to Tawa C. Eruaga, 315 S. Willard St., $110,000 to $110,500.

Brent and Kari Edel to Geraldine Hiatt, unimproved land, $260,000 to $260,500.


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