The Wapello County Board of Supervisors will find out what weeds and plants were a problematic in 2021 as county engineer Jeff Skalberg discusses the annual weed commissioner report during today's meeting.

The report classifies weeds into three categories, as well as a category for unidentifiable plants. The three main categories are "Found, a problem in my county"; "Found, but not a problem"; and "Not known in my county"

The report is submitted annually to the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship. Skalberg serves as the weed commissioner for the county.

Several plants were considered a problem for the county, including bull thistle, Canada thistle, horse nettle, musk thistle, perennial sow thistle, quackgrass, Russian knapweed, cocklebur, multiflora rose and teasel. Invasive prohibited plants — garlic mustard, Japanese knotwood and oriental bittersweet — were deemed a problem in the county.

Several other species of plants were found, but not considered a problem, and both field bindweed and wild sunflower were declared not found in the county.

The report stated the county served noxious weed notices on eight different occasions, and contacted individuals privately twice.

Weed commissioner makes up about 5% of Skalberg's job, and he believed there is a need for a full-time weed commissioner to improve weed infestations.

In other business:

• The supervisors will receive an update from Carosh Compliance Solutions Wapello County HIPPA provider.

• There are also three personnel vacancies to fill on the agenda. Allora Johnson-Dotson is expected to be approved as a full-time dispatcher in the Wapello County Sheriff's Office, filling a vacant position. Barbara Yarkosky is expected to be approved as a temporary receptionist at the public health office and Rachel Fisher is expected to be approved as a part-time veteran service officer with the Veterans Affairs department.

The meeting begins at 9:30 a.m. in the third-floor courtroom/board room, and will be live-streamed on the supervisors' YouTube channel.

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