New Year's baby

Augustus Charles Kozak became Ottumwa’s New Year’s baby with his arrival Jan. 1, which was almost two weeks ahead of schedule. He is the first child for parents Steven and Emily Kozak.

OTTUMWA — Emily and Steven Kozak knew their son would arrive sometime in January. They figured sometime around the middle of the month. So did their doctor.

“We were due Jan. 10,” Emily said. They even had an OB appointment on Jan. 31.

Augustus had other plans.

Augustus Charles Kozak became Ottumwa’s New Year’s Baby when he was born just before 9 p.m. Jan. 1. He weighed in at eight pounds, 12.5 ounces and was just a bit shy of 22 inches long.

He was a welcome surprise. The new parents said his name was one they liked, rather than a family name or anything along those lines. Augustus is their first child.

His first couple days brought another surprise, one that many new parents would consider a blessing. Thus far he isn’t a particularly fussy baby. Emily said he lets them know when he needs a diaper change but is otherwise pretty calm.

Except, for some reason, Friday afternoon. Augustus wanted his say during a quick interview, and fussed enough that Steven thought it was time for a diaper check. Nope. It was just Augustus making sure that everyone knew the interview was about him.

By the time the new family posed for a quick photo, he had settled down and sucked contentedly on a pacifier while mom and dad smiled happily.

If only all surprises were so easy to please.

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