Age: 62

Hometown: Ottumwa

Political affiliation: Democrat

Current occupation: Founder/facilitator of Ottumwa Small Business Alliance

College degree(s): Associate and bachelor's degrees

Community organization involvement: Past president of United Way of Wapello County, past president of Hy-Noon Kiwanis, past chair of Ottumwa Alzheimer's Walk, past board member of League of Women Voters, past board member of Ottumwa Community Players, member of the Ottumwa Retired Teachers Association, current chair of the Wapello County Planning and Zoning board

Why are you seeking election, and what do you hope to accomplish?

"First off, I enjoy the opportunity to serve my community. I feel that Wapello County is due for some new leadership with an eye on improving our business-building relationships, both large and small, working on increasing housing opportunities, and we also need to grow and support our tourism and entertainment business to bring outside dollars to our county. Our roads and infrastructure need attention and support from the supervisors. The Wapello County Sheriff's Office and fire department need to be able to purchase and be trained on current equipment and communication tools. Staffing and succession planning is critical in all areas of running our county offices."

What are your views on cooperation between Wapello County and the City of Ottumwa, and what should be done to strengthen and/or maintain that relationship?

"If Wapello County is going to grow and prosper it needs to being with healthy and positive relationships between the city and county leaders. When a business is looking to locate to an area, they often look at the dynamics of the governing bodies. If they see discourse and divisiveness, this is often a red flag that may discourage them from choosing that county. We need city, townships and county leaders that work together to recruit and encourage businesses to build their brand in Wapello County. Businesses often want to build outside city limits, so having the city and county work together to assist in the many steps it takes to finalize a plan is crucial.

"As businesses and visitors come to our area, that helps to relieve tax burdens on the citizens and allows for more quality of life opportunities for everyone. Wapello County deserves positive leaders that have the drive and determination to make positive changes and lead with common sense and best practices."


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