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The buzz over whom former Vice President Joe Biden will pick for his vice presidential candidate has been circulating for months. He has committed to selecting a woman as his running mate. While there are many well-qualified women candidates, there are a number of ethnic groups who are pulli…

There are three presidential debates scheduled before the Nov. 3 election. The first will be on Sept. 29 at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland. The second will be on Oct. 15 at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts in Miami, Florida. And the third will be on Oct. 22 at …

I serve as the Executive Director of Bridge View Center in Ottumwa. We are very proud of our beautiful venue, the 550-plus events we annually host for our community, and our vital role as one of the main economic drivers in our community ($8.9 million in 2019) and delivering important qualit…

If the protesters swarming the streets of Portland, Oregon, and other cities really want to defeat President Donald Trump, they might want to consider this suggestion: Go home.

One week ago, President Trump tweeted a picture of himself wearing a mask during a visit to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. The president’s critics quickly labeled the maneuver too little, too late.

Last week was a nice break from reality. I took a few days off work, as my family has been begging me to do for months now.

Many Democrats, along with some in the press and a few Republicans, have expressed outrage at President Trump’s commutation of political operative Roger Stone’s jail sentence for lying to Congress and witness tampering. GOP Sen. Mitt Romney, the only senator ever to vote to remove a presiden…

The death of Congressman John Lewis last Friday night accomplished what police officers with their billy clubs and white mobs with their fists and pipes never were able to achieve: Silencing his voice.

If you reside in a nursing home and are not getting needed care, you might be afraid to complain. You don’t want to offend or anger the people who feed and bathe you. You don’t want to be labeled uncooperative and discharged.

During the first transition of power from one party to another in the nation's history, a president and a lame duck Congress engaged in a rapid reorganization of the federal judiciary.

Nearly five years ago, I remember overhearing President Donald Trump’s remarks against my home country. There was no escaping those words.

The Supreme Court on Tuesday needlessly poked a hole in Thomas Jefferson’s “wall of separation between church and state.” By a 5-4 vote, the court ruled in a case from Montana that if a state provides a tax break that benefits students at a secular private school, it must include private rel…

The Ottumwa school board’s plans for finding a new superintendent were, as announced, about as good as one could hope. The way they said the search would be conducted was as open and transparent as things can be in these very unusual times.

This is a big week for local government in Wapello County. We’ll find out who the finalists for the Ottumwa school district’s new superintendent are, and the city is hosting an event to give people an in-depth look at the proposed comprehensive plan.

This weekend’s protests and riots were shocking, though not surprising. It’s important that, amid the knee-jerk responses and talking heads on cable, we not lose sight of some critical facts.

This is when we’d usually be doing an editorial tied to commencement events at area high schools. We’d be planning for several busy weekends, trying to get to multiple ceremonies for photos celebrating the Class of 2020.

It was easy to miss on Thursday, but Wapello County hit a major milestone in the pandemic. After weeks of watching the number of cases jump from one day to another, the number of active cases fell.

Don’t tell my kids, but I’m reading a book again that makes them nervous.

It’s getting increasingly difficult to ignore the fact Gov. Kim Reynolds has had a fair amount to say about COVID-19 hotspots in Iowa wherever they’ve popped up in the past couple weeks — unless it’s Wapello County.

I’m writing this column a few days early for once. It’s not like there’s anything else I’m going to settle on, and who knows what the next few days will bring.

The announcement that the Wapello County Fair has been canceled for 2020, the first cancellation since World War II, wasn’t a huge surprise. As businesses and organizations struggle to find a way to reach a semblance of normalcy in an era of social distancing, many are erring on the side of …

Local officials have been insistent in recent days that they are prohibited from releasing additional information about where the sharp increase in COVID cases are coming from. We don’t think they’re right.

There’s no real way around it. The first time I ran an errand with a face mask on last week, I felt like a dork.

There are some critical points that people need to understand about the next couple of weeks and the way Iowa is beginning the process of allowing businesses to reopen. One of the biggest is that we should be careful drawing conclusions immediately.

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