We can’t help but be uneasy about the interest Alliant Energy is showing in the city’s tentative steps toward using solar power to help shave some costs at city-owned facilities. Alliant’s history of rate increases and fundamental opposition to solar power gives us little reason to believe t…

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About a decade ago, I collected every single political fax that came into the newsroom from elected officials. A year’s worth of faxes created a stack about eight inches tall.

It would be easy to give in to cliché when talking about Judge Arthur “Art” McGiverin. He had a remarkable legal mind and rose to the highest levels of the Iowa judiciary, serving for 13 years as the state’s chief justice.

We have rarely been so pleased to be wrong as we were on Saturday with the Canteen eating contest. The event’s move from Central Park to Canteen Alley had us concerned.

My wife put out a hummingbird feeder this year. We spent more time in the yard last summer, and noticed the birds buzzing around more than we had before. So, this summer, we figured we’d set out a meal for them and see what happened.

School board members were right to delay the vote on whether to move ahead with construction of a new elementary school on Tuesday. But they should give the idea strong consideration.

The Pages for Pennies Book Sale Committee would like to thank everyone for another successful sale.  For our 8th Annual sale we set records and are so excited for the continued success of this event that benefits the Ottumwa Area Convention & Visitors Bureau, Bridge View Inc., and the Ot…

I’ve been lucky with my sports teams over the years. I’ve seen multiple championships from both the Cardinals and the Cowboys, to say nothing of Manchester United (the past several years notwithstanding).

There aren’t too many good options in the current situation with the City of Ottumwa and the Ottumwa Community School District. On Tuesday, the council rejected the school district’s proposal to share the costs of the school resource officers 50-50.

Anyone who has watched Blackbird Investments’ actions over the past several years could see a stark difference between past performances and Tuesday’s update for the city council. The brash, defiant attitude Blackbird has displayed in the past was gone.

I was already feeling nostalgic Sunday afternoon. I had been at the Cardinal High School graduation ceremony, taking photos for work.

Entertainment has changed a lot since I was a kid. I remember when we had three stations (barely) and the jump to cable seemed huge. For most of my life cable was the standard.

Blackbird Investments’ statement on the stalled projects in Ottumwa and Des Moines was hardly a master class in damage control. It contained the usual elements — straw man arguments and vague claims of progress — but failed in its goal. Ottumwa has no more reason to trust Blackbird today tha…

Every so often, I see a meme come across my social media pages. It says something along the lines of “Pay attention to the mom who doesn’t have her hair perfectly styled, her nails done,” and so on. “They’re the ones putting their children first.”

When people scheduled this year’s Race for the Cure and the work day at Seton’s playground, they probably figured mid-May would be safe. Sure, it rains occasionally, but it’s at least warm by then. Right?

I’ve written about my fondness for fountain pens before. A good fountain pen is, for me, the pinnacle of writing. There is simply nothing that matches the experience of using a quality pen on paper made to reward such an instrument.

Wednesday was a busy day. After a couple of meetings, I headed out on a couple of photo assignments.

We’re going to use a different approach for this Saturday’s editorial. There isn’t one overwhelming issue we want to address today, but there are some points worth making that don’t demand a big space. So we’re giving you a couple bite-sized editorials today to clear them out.

I’ve always enjoyed sports. I’ve never been much good at them, but I enjoyed playing.

Wednesday morning’s “Bridges out of Poverty” seminar drew a big crowd to Indian Hills. Many were educators, coming from several area districts and counties to hear ideas. It was a diverse group, and that’s good.

I came across an article from the New York Times the other day on the pressures of modern parenting. While not all of it was relatable to me, there were some parts that really struck me.

Technology has changed a lot for parents. When I was in school, skipping class might mean your parents got a call from teachers. Probably not, though. Not unless it became a problem.

We’re writing this before Friday’s Ladies Night Out in downtown Ottumwa. That’s the reality of newspaper timelines on occasion. Different pages are due at different times. In our case, the editorial pages are due well before the event began.

I vividly remember the first film I saw in a theater. My parents discussed it before Dad and I went, though I’m not sure my parents realized I was within earshot.

I was sitting in my car the other night, watching my son practice baseball while working on a project for the kids in my religious education class. Suddenly I became very grateful for all the parents — and others — willing to take the time to volunteer to guide our children.

Despite the week’s forecast and the National Weather Service’s inclusion of a chance of snow Friday (don’t worry, it won’t stick around), it’s clear that spring is here.

Picture this—you’ve worked at a job for 20 years, and it’s time for you to sign your annual contract. However this year, unlike any year before, you have no guarantee as to what job you’ll be performing, how much you’ll earn per hour, or what your health coverage will be. If you don’t like w…

Today is one of the rare times I know exactly where I was 25 years ago. I was hiking at the Shiloh battlefield in Tennessee with my scout troop.

Tonight’s discussions about the proposed hotel at Bridge View Center are likely the most important it has had. This is a make-or-break moment for the proposal.

Renewable energy is cheaper and more efficient than ever before. Because of that, Iowans should support its growth across the state. But we need to make sure it’s done fairly and that its policy is responsive to the growing demands of the energy grid. That’s why we need to support HF 669/SF 583.

The proposal from County Attorney Reuben Neff to use some of the money saved by vacancies to retain people in the office makes sense to us. While details are being worked out, the basic approach and the end goal are both appropriate.

One of the toughest things about covering events is, on occasion, keeping a straight face when you hear people speak. It’s an essential skill for a reporter, though.

Word this week of new vandalism at Mars Hill Church is dismaying. While the recent incidents don’t come close to the level that took place 13 years ago, when the church was burned, they remain unacceptable.

Sens. Chuck Grassley and Dick Durbin reintroduced a bill this week to require the U.S. Supreme Court to allow cameras to film proceedings. Here’s hoping Congress moves quickly to pass it.

If there’s one thing I feel like I missed out on when I was growing up, it’s the experience of having my extended family relatively close by.