It all came together so quickly, it was almost too easy.

Jason wanted to surprise me, but there were too many moving parts for him to arrange it all by himself.

His idea? Let's head to Chicago the weekend of our 10th anniversary and take in a Cubs-Cardinals game at Wrigley Field.

It's something we've talked about for years in our house divided. He's Cardinal red; I'm Cubbie blue — always have been.

For years, I had to endure his torment. First, about a year after we started dating, the Cardinals won the World Series in 2006. Five years later, I had to endure his taunting when the Red Birds won it again in 2011 — the "toe ring championship," he calls it. Why? Because it was the 11th time the Cardinals won the World Series. There were enough rings for every finger with one left over for the big toe.

And, he never let me forget that it had been more than 100 years since the Cubs won the World Series and that they had never been since the 1940s.

My argument? It just proves I'm a loyal person no matter the circumstances.

The power shifted in 2016. The Cubs not only made the World Series, they won it in the most dramatic fashion possible — a Game 7 road victory that went into extra innings with a rain delay. The wait, though long, was over.

So, now that both our teams have won one World Series since our marriage, the timing of the trip proposal seemed perfect: that the exacty rilvary games that we wanted to see — in the venue we wanted to see it in — kicked off the day after our 10th anniversary seemed more than coincidental.

"Let's do it," I said.

We both put in for a half day off work that Friday, called my dad — who sacrificed his birthday to drive five hours to come stay with the kids — ordered game tickets and booked a hotel room.

Then the time came to hit the road. Friday was mostly driving topped off by some deep-dish pizza. Saturday was sight-seeing.

We hit downtown Chicago to see the Willis Tower — which we both call the Sears Tower — and took in the view. The wait was long, but the view was incredible.

After that, we headed to Wrigleyville. I haven't been there since I was about 10 years old, and my memories are fuzzy.

It was magic. Our GPS took us right to Clark and Addison, where we caught sight of the famous Wrigley Field sign. We found a parking garage just across the street for the same rate everyone else was charging blocks away. We took advantage.

After I took some photos in front of the sign — Jason refused to get in them — we grabbed some dinner, then headed in to take our seats.

It was a buzzing atmosphere, and our view of the field was incredible. We watched some batting practice and other warm-ups, and then it was game time.

It started off rough — the Cards took an immediate four-run lead, and it looked like it was going to be a rough night for my favorite team.

It turns out I was worried for nothing. The Cubs chipped away at the Red Birds' lead and eventually took the game over.

It was so much fun to join in cheering with the crowd as the Cubs took the game 9-5.

We didn't stay for the raising for the white W flag or the singing of "Go Cubs Go" as we wanted to beat traffic out of the stadium, but I didn't miss the chance to sing my heart out with "Take Me Out to the Ballgame."

Tracy Goldizen is the Courier's features and magazine editor, leading production of the award-winning "Ottumwa Life" and the Courier's other magazine offerings. She began work with the Courier on the copy desk.

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