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My husband got a motorcycle about a year ago. It’s something that’s been on his bucket list, he said, so he wanted to give it a try before he got much older.

I was fully supportive of it. I took care of the kids and house while he was at his weekend motorcycle course, and I helped study for the computer pre-course. I sat with him as he looked around online for bikes that he liked and drove him to Oskaloosa to pick up the one he liked. Then, I followed him home.

He went for several rides in the second half of last summer to get a feel for it. Sometimes, he would drive to a family event separately on his bike with the kids and me following. Other times, he just took it out for about an hour.

But it was never something he really got used to. He said he felt tense and nervous on it, and since it barely got any use this summer, with the excitement of the newness worn off, he started talking about selling it.

I had one problem with that: He hadn’t taken me for a ride yet.

He had a buyer lined up but wasn’t due to take it out until Saturday morning. So, Friday after I got off work, we went for a ride. As we headed out to the four-lane from Alta Vista Avenue, I could feel to cold pockets of air as the storm clouds were rolling in. We then exited off the highway and crossed to bridge and rode around the south part of town a little bit.

Then the clouds really started rolling in, and we knew we needed to get home. It was dicey going across the bridge — the wind was really picking up and dust was flying in my face — but we made it. Jason commented, “Wow, you can really feel the cool air now.” I told him I felt it the first part of the ride and figured he did, too. I guess not. He commented he must have been too focused on driving and keeping us upright.

That’s fine by me.

Since our ride got cut short Friday — he wanted to go cruise through Wildwood Park and past his late grandma’s house — we decided to get up “early” on Saturday and go for another quick ride.

This time we made it through Wildwood Park, cruising around or another half hour or 45 minutes. Then, we stopped at home and I followed him out meet his buyer.

In between rides, he asked me if I was really OK with selling it. While it was fun, I honestly don’t know how much we would get the chance to go out and ride in real life. And, it aggravated an old back injury a bit.

But maybe, when the kids, particularly Colin, are more grown and we’re not as busy with their activities, it might be something to revisit.

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Tracy Goldizen is the Courier's features and magazine editor, leading production of the award-winning "Ottumwa Life" and the Courier's other magazine offerings. She began work with the Courier on the copy desk.

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