I didn’t let Thanksgiving stop me.

For the nearly 13 weeks, I’ve been working toward accomplishing my goal of finishing 80 Day Obsession without skipping any workouts. Last week I faced a challenge. We were traveling for Thanksgiving and would be staying in a house with nearly 20 other people.

Monday and Tuesday were fine. I had the days off work to spend with my mother-in-law and to pack for the trip. Getting my workouts in was a breeze, as far as finding the time (the workouts themselves are a different story).

I faced a challenge Wednesday. I barely slept Tuesday night, and I knew we had a long drive ahead of us Wednesday afternoon once school dismissed. I had planned on doing my workout mid-morning, but instead found myself downstairs at 6:15 a.m. going through my leg routine. Then I got the boys around for school, dropped Colin off and filled the car with gas. To compensate for my lack of sleep, I laid back down for a little nap.

Once I woke, I got cleaned up, dropped the dog off with a friend, picked up some lunch and finished packing. Day 71 done.

Thursday was the big challenge. I was scheduled for what’s called “Total Body Core,” which requires weights, resistance loops and sliders. Since no gyms were open and I didn’t pack weights, I switched my Thursday and Friday around. Friday was simply (again, relative) a cardio workout.

A couple hours after Thanksgiving dinner settled, I found myself down in the basement room Jason and I were assigned to for the duration of the visit to my dad’s. I made myself a small space and managed to make my way through the video on my cellphone. My stomach wasn’t so happy after that. Day 73 done.

Friday was better. I got up, had some coffee and Jason and I headed to the rec center at the community college in my hometown. He hit the weights, and I took out my phone and played my video. We got back to my dad’s just in time to watch the Hawkeyes take down the Huskers (go Hawks!). Day 72 done.

Saturday morning we hit the road just after breakfast and got home mid-afternoon. I opted to move my Saturday workout to Sunday, which is an assigned rest day. Day 74 done.

This week I’ve been back to my routine of working out daily — and eating normally. At the time of this writing, Day 77 is done. I have three workouts of the program left, and I’m excited to see it through to the end. I hope my muscles forgive me for pushing so hard, but these past weeks I’ve felt the best I ever have — even pushing through a cold and maybe even a slight bout of the flu.

I’m to the point I don’t even care if I’ve lost any weight. I have more energy, and I feel stronger and leaner. Now I have to find a new program to move onto next week.

Tracy Goldizen is the Courier's magazine editor, leading production of "Ottumwa Life," the award-winning "Business People" and the Courier's other magazine offerings. She began work with the Courier on the copy desk.