Many of the Courier’s editorials have points on which reasonable people can disagree. That’s normal and, frankly, healthy. Americans never have been much for marching in lock-step on issues for long.

We hope this editorial isn’t one of those, though. We hope there’s something close to unanimity on this, because the message this time is simple: go vote.

It’s election day. Communities across Iowa are selecting new city leaders and members of local school boards. Get out and cast your ballots.

There aren’t really any excuses. There have been plenty of opportunities to hear about the candidates. There has been plenty of time to talk the issues over with friends and family, or to question the candidates themselves. Everything people need for an informed decision has been available.

Even a crash course is an option. Coverage of the candidates from the Courier and Ottumwa’s other media outlets remains available. There is still time to make a reasonable effort to become informed and cast your vote.

The people who end the day as elected officials will make critical decisions for our community in the coming years. They will act on your behalf, in your names. Abdicating the right to vote is not a decision to be made lightly, but many seem to pass it off as an inconvenience rather than something that is fundamental to our way of life.

Time isn’t an excuse. Voting doesn’t take long in most cases. There’s rarely a line that takes more than a minute or two to get through. That’s a shame, really.

This is the first election in which identification will be required at the polls. That’s not a difficult hurdle for most people, and there are other options for casting your vote if you don’t have an accepted ID. So that’s not an excuse, either.

We could go on at some length here, but chances are if you’re reading this you’ve heard it before. We said much the same thing Saturday, though the focus was more on the new ID law. We’ve urged people to go vote at each election and primary. You’ve heard our arguments for it.

So, rather than preach to the choir, we’ll keep this short. It really comes down to one, simple thing:

Go vote. Make your voice heard. This is your chance.

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