The statements from U.S. senators on plans for reformation of the nation’s prison sentencing laws are encouraging. It’s an overdue step that seems, at long last, to have bipartisan support.

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The statements from U.S. senators on plans for reformation of the nation’s prison sentencing laws are encouraging. It’s an overdue step that seems, at long last, to have bipartisan support.

There has been considerable griping over the Ottumwa school board’s decision to end the practice of allowing students who are not enrolled in the district to compete for Ottumwa teams. We understand the disappointment for families whose children did so. But we also believe the district has a point.

Voters in Wapello County and the rest of Iowa deserve a round of applause. Turnout for Tuesday’s midterm elections was about 55 percent in Wapello County, and just shy of 61 percent in the state as a whole.

The race between Dave Loebsack and Chris Peters for Iowa’s Second Congressional District appears to be something of a rarity statewide this year. Both candidates met with our editorial board, and we want to thank both for doing so.

For most of us, Halloween calls up memories of our childhood, of favorite costumes and the candy we’d haul back home, sometimes by the sack full.

You have to credit Ottumwa Superintendent Nicole Kooiker with giving a blunt, accurate assessment on the district’s efforts to stem the tide of students using open enrollment to study elsewhere.

The city’s steps to address parking regulations in Ottumwa make sense. While they will not satisfy everyone, and the city should remain open to improvements, the changes passed Tuesday are reasonable steps toward ensuring downtown revitalization continues.

There’s a big hole in Iowa’s laws regarding what information must be made available when a public employee leaves his or her position, and it’s time for the state to close it.

The bond and contract for work on the Ottumwa Regional Airport is likely a formality for the city council this evening. It’s rare for anything in the consent agenda to raise eyebrows, much less generate serious debate.

This weekend’s weather isn’t shaping up to be the best for outdoor activities, but we hope people will still come out for the International Festival Saturday afternoon.

The county’s search for a new engineer has been a long, frustrating one. It’s not over yet, but the hiring of Wendell Folkerts as a temporary engineer is at least a step that will help ensure the county doesn’t fall behind.

We’re doing something a little different on our editorial page today. If you look down a bit, you’ll see the state’s voter registration form.

A few weeks ago we told you we were looking for people for our editorial board. We got a good response, and this week we’ve reached out to the people who we hope will join us in the coming weeks.

If you don’t think local journalism matters, Thursday’s story on a change in the Wapello County Jail’s approach to purchasing medications should change your mind.

We rarely delve into national issues on this page. The reason is simple: if you want to hear opinions about national events there are plenty of options out there. There are far fewer who will offer editorials about Ottumwa and the surrounding area.

It’s hard to believe in a way. Rev. Diane Koger may well be the first African-American woman to lead a Baptist church in Iowa.

The numbers at the Ottumwa school district’s preschool are encouraging. We know some people were skeptical of the plans at first, but the numbers are backing up the district’s assessment of the need.

At the end of June we told you about some of the changes coming for the Courier. Some have begun. In fact, you’re looking at one right now.

This weekend’s Fly Ottumwa air show sure felt like a success. I was the kind of weekend the show needed to begin establishing itself.

It was heartening to see two area communities come together this past weekend in support of people facing tough times.

We were leery of joining in this week’s series of editorials by papers nationally on President Donald Trump’s attacks on the press. We were concerned it would play into his hands, that he would point to it as evidence the press is monolithic, and entirely opposed to him.

The rain earlier this week was welcome for just about everyone. It was one of the first real, soaking rains we’ve seen in months.

It’s tempting to apply a lot of the clichés you hear to last week’s shootout and manhunt in Ottumwa. It was a wakeup call, a shock to the community, or a new reason for concern about the level of violence in our society.

The announcement earlier this week that Ottumwa will receive nearly $3.5 million for the airport runway reconstruction and extension is good news. We’re glad to see it.

We suppose it was inevitable that much of the past week’s political discussion focused on the Russian attempts to interfere with the 2016 elections. We’re not going to waste time rehashing those squabbles here. But we do want to spend some time talking about a related issue that affects Iowa.

This week’s 4-H Expo is a bit different from last year’s edition. You’d expect that, though. In 2017, the expo was just getting settled into its new site. Now, with a year under its belt, things are finally feeling a little more permanent.

One of the things journalism is supposed to do is look out for sweetheart deals from local government, transactions that inordinately benefit one side in which public resources are involved.

The Ottumwa City Council is understandably frustrated by the pace of the changes they hoped to make to the city’s police department. What must have seemed on the surface like a relatively simple fix has run headlong into the reality that Ottumwa has difficulty both recruiting and retaining o…

You’re going to see some changes to the Courier in the coming weeks. Some have already arrived. It’s important that we explain what’s happening and why.

The Iowa League of Cities’ brief in a suit seeking to force the release of information on automated speeding citations is nothing less than an assault on transparency and the state’s open records law.

Even for an administration that has consistent trouble telling the truth, its defense of a policy separating of children and parents at the border has been a complete debacle.

We’re fortunate in southeast Iowa to have relatively easy access to some remarkable outdoor resources. A pair of tragedies last week should remind us of the need for safety when enjoying them.

This week’s visit from the Run for the Fallen was both sobering and heartening. Sobering in that there are so many people for the run to remember at its stops. Heartening in that there were so many people willing to make sure they had a proper welcome in Ottumwa.

It seems every year the county fair brings the arrival of summer’s heat. We got a taste earlier this year, but it’s definitely going to be back for this weekend’s events in Eldon.