It’s our seventh year to sponsor “Christmas for the Youth” at the Agency Shelter and the newer Corinthian House. Our commitment to American Home Finding Association is specific to these two facilities – a 15-bed emergency care facility and a separate eight bed Comprehensive Group Home, respectively. Our purpose is to always have a safe nurturing place for the youth to stay while they are focusing on making healthy positive life choices to transition back into the community.

Our original goal was to provide Christmas gifts for the current shelter residents, including some basic supplies plus something from their individual “wish lists.” Because of your generosity our goal today is much loftier! Due to turnover during the year, they may easily see 100 or more different individuals. So our new goal is to sponsor “Christmas for the Youth” plus “maintain supplies and personal hygiene items year around for all residents.” This includes emergency needs that fall within our abilities and contribute to a cash activity fund used during the year for sporting events, movies, bowling, eating out, or maybe a concert.

We are seeking donations of any amount to help us accomplish our goal and provide the youth with a wonderful holiday season. Forty dollars will sponsor one child for Christmas, all additional monies will be designated to the Agency Shelter/Corinthian House and used throughout the year as priorities dictate. When you ask the staff what is on their need list, the answer always includes volunteers to help take the kids out to eat or an outing to get them into normal life activities.

Thank you again for considering the Agency Shelter and Corinthian House in your giving. This is a wonderful and rewarding cause, blessings to you! Donations can be to any of the people and addresses below. Please designate on any checks - payable to AHFA Agency Shelter/Corinthian House. This assures the donation gets credited to the proper account!  

If you would like updates throughout the year on current happenings and/or needs for the facilities, please send us a return e-mail. If you need any more information, please call.  

Jan and Doug Heinje 641-777-1153 - 3515 Lake Road – Ottumwa, IA 52501 (

Tom Shafer 800-371-6264 - Farmers Insurance, 112 North Court – Ottumwa, IA 52501 (

Carol White 641-777-7832 – 1303 Hamilton, Ottumwa, IA 52501 (

American Home Finding Association – P.O. Box 46 – Agency, IA 52530

Supplies can be anything from dry goods for kitchen, generic hygiene items for bath and laundry, bedding/linens, girl/boy underwear, flip-flops, sweats, pants, sweaters, jackets, school supplies, etc. These items can be donated at a drop box in the Farmers Insurance Office, 112 North Court, Ottumwa.

Tom Shafer


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