I am writing concerning the constant blocking by trains for over the allotted 10 minutes at Quincy and Blackhawk. I along with several other businesses are located on Blackhawk Road. I constantly have customers that will tell me they have waited for over an hour for the train to move off the crossing. This is not only a violation of the 10 minutes allowed but also a very big problem for emergencies out in our area. If someone was needing emergency assistance they would have to go clear out past Walmart to the Rocket Fuels and go to the right across the tracks and down the gravel, which is also blocked sometimes and very dangerous for the cars traveling on this road. There have been several cars in accidents on this gravel road. The railroad is only charged $100 if they are called and told they are blocking the tracks for over 10 minutes, this is pocket change to them. They need to be held to the 10 minutes allowed. Right now they have the tracks blocked for approximately a week with no detour signs to get around. I along with everyone out there would really like this problem to stop. It is a huge headache for all residents and customers and also for emergency vehicles. The railroad needs to abide by the rules and stop blocking the tracks for over 10 minutes.

Trisha Rea


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