We have an election coming, and I think Wapello County residents would be wise to closely look at the candidates for county attorney.

Reuben Neff does not bring detrimental baggage with him into the office. Neff has never been sued for non payment of debts, nor for untimely payment. Mr. Neff's personal finances are not a liability to his judgment. No one could be concerned about money tempting Mr.Neff into

bending the law. No one can be concerned about Mr. Neff's desire to prosecute financial litigation because of his own financial situation. Mr. Neff has never taken bankruptcy. No governmental body has been sued because of Mr. Neff’s actions.

We understand that the outcome of a court case is not an assured thing. Plea bargains may be the best choice. Mr. Neff believes that cases which can be prosecuted should not be bargained if it is a serious offense. We have all known of cases where a plea bargain resulted in the perpetrator committing additional serious offenses. Cases which can be prosecuted in a timely manner should not be left untried for months, even years, with the accused occupying space in the county jail. Not only is this unfair to the accused who may eventually be found not guilty, but requires the county to house people in other counties, at expense to Wapello County. People's memories fade while trial is delayed. Even worse, due to lack of jail space, people may be released from custody who should be held.

Anyone interested in court proceedings can get the county court records web site from any attorney. You can find summaries of filings and judgments.

Paul Halferty