Aside from the fact that the N.W.S. completely blew a 100 percent forecast for 1-2 inches of rain Wednesday. This was not the first time. In the past three months of this drought two other flood watches were issued, along with a few severe thunderstorm watches that produced sprinkles. It is apparent the computer models haven’t a clue what is going on.

Ottumwa will have a 20-inch deficit since Jan. 1, 2016. About the driest place in the U.S.A. compared to normal and most experts write this off as no big deal. My friend has a mowing business in the area with 100 customers and no work. Unbelievable. This is Iowa. At my house two confirmed thunderstorms in the past 11 weeks! Am I in Iowa? Heat and humidity have been swept away numerous times by cold fronts and nothing happens. The dryness is spreading across the state, but for many weeks a narrow strip of Iowa has suffered with flooding rains on either side. Very strange.

Droughts, like floods, are difficult to break. I believe we will have to buckle down for more. No matter what the weather service predicts.

Edward Koetsier


Before writing I ask myself if it is ok to say, truthful and of interest. Topically, I would like to address economics and how much they affect our personal lives, as well as the life of Mother Earth. It seems many people are not as concerned as they should be. The free market system has made climate change and income inequality the world’s largest ever problems known to mankind. They are challenges of great magnitude. We have little time to fix them. Are you aware that income inequality matches that of the Gilded Age, and is still declining? If free markets are so good, why do we have the threat of environmental hell, a few people at the top living in luxury, the middle getting by, and many, many living in deprivation? Something is terribly wrong.

It falls on all of us to do our level best to consider the environment in everything we do. Then too, are you thoughtful about who and what you vote for? Do you think about the common good as well as selflessness? Republican control of many of our states, as well as the federal government, has proven to be a giant roadblock in even acknowledging the aforementioned challenges, let alone doing anything about them. Every political action taken has been retrogression with a capital R. How long are we going to put up with this crisis? You don’t go forward by going backwards. If this continues you might very well find yourself wearing a mask to breathe, crawling on your hands and knees with the lemmings to a seaside for a drink of salt water. The route will be a little shorter due to rising sea levels.

William Wignall


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