Thanksgiving has come and gone. Many have long ago turned their thoughts to the Christmas season and perhaps even the New Year.

The Ottumwa Community Thanksgiving Dinner Committee would like to step back a few days and give a word of thanks to all those who helped make this year’s celebration go so smoothly.

We received wonderful financial support from a wide range of donors. Gifts of money or items for the dinner were received from corporate sponsors, small businesses in Ottumwa, private individuals and agencies or individuals who work daily to make the lives of others better. The Knights of Columbus graciously allowed us to plan, prepare and deliver the meals from their location.

Over 100 volunteers showed up on Thanksgiving Day to make sure a good hot meal was provided. Whatsoever You Do, Inc., helped recruit volunteers, but people from far and wide showed up. They set tables, arranged decorations, cooked, prepared food to go into people’s homes, delivered those meals, took last-minute calls, visited and served our dine-in guests, and did cleanup.

We would be remiss if we failed to acknowledge all the local media who provided us with amazing coverage before, during and after the Community Thanksgiving Dinner. This was essential in getting word out to anyone interested in a meal, but also in letting the community as a whole know about this event.

All of this effort resulted in over 1,400 meals being provided on Thanksgiving Day. How fortunate we are to have that kind of support and such a dedicated volunteer workforce to pull that off so smoothly.

So just for a moment, the Ottumwa Community Thanksgiving Dinner Committee wants to step back a few days and again say thank you to all those who made this day special and successful.

See you next year!

Pam Ward

Ottumwa Community Thanksgiving Dinner Committee

Why do people want to hurt people’s feelings and cause hardships among family and friends? Is it because of jealousy or just because they want to? I’m not just talking of family members but friends also. People just don’t care anymore about people’s privacy, home, or workplace.

A person goes about their business doing the best they can at home and the workplace. But there’s a loudmouth person causing problems for another person, it doesn’t matter when, where, or why, they just want to cause trouble for someone with threats and turning in people.

Someday someone will knock the chip off that person with the grater than thou attitude. Who’s afraid of little tree frogs? This person forgets who gave him a roof over his head, a place to sleep, eat, do his laundry, take showers, store his junk, drink their pop and bought his cigarettes and deal with his attitude for about four years or more. He was too lazy to help with chores around the house in exchange for the kindness, all he did was complain all the time.

What’s this free world coming to? What are we, a bunch of communists or what? What has happened to respect, trust, family and friends’ morals these days? Is nothing sacred anymore?

Ella Minella


Like it or not, 2018 is another election year and political ads, political speeches and political candidates will be everywhere. Like all election years in Iowa, the caucus process plays a critical role in the overall election process. But what exactly is a caucus? The word caucus comes from a Native American Algonquin word meaning a gathering of tribal leaders and in the modern political sense simply means a meeting of people of the same political party to discuss candidates, issues and policy.

The caucus process is truly an opportunity from the grassroots level that enables the ordinary citizen to influence a party’s platform, run for a position as a party delegate to the county convention and, in presidential election years, cast a vote in favor of a candidate for president of the United States. The caucus also provides an opportunity for ordinary citizens to be involved in intraparty business, from electing individuals to county central committees, electing delegates to attend the county conventions and discussing platform planks. That is why the Iowa caucuses are so important.

The 2018 Iowa caucus will be at 7 p.m. Monday, Feb. 5, 2018. In Ottumwa the Wapello County Republican caucus will be held at Great Prairie AEA, 2814 N. Court St., Ottumwa. The Wapello County Republican Central Committee invites you to get involved in making our community, our country and our state a better place to live.

If you would like to participate in the Republican Party of Iowa caucus on Feb. 5, 2018, or have any other questions about the Wapello County Republican Party, or the Republican Party of Iowa, please contact Trudy Caviness, chair, Wapello County Republican Central Committee at

Curt Meeks


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