I was fortunate enough this morning to attend the 4-H Expo, visit with the exhibitors, enjoy the projects and livestock. I would encourage you to attend and support the families and individuals who have made this all possible, both young and old. What a perfect use for this land and facility. You can feel the energy and see that the facilities and the Expo will continue to improve as years go by.

Mary Neis


I want to congratulate the Wapello County Expo staff and all the volunteers on a great event! The facilities provide a wonderful set up for the 4H youth to share their projects.

Much has been accomplished in the year since the location has been acquired and I'm sure it will continue to expand.

Great job!

Lori Miller


Thirty-one percent of Iowans live at or below the poverty level. Thousands of children go to bed hungry at night. Iowa also has a fairly large population of senior citizens trying to survive on a fixed income. Here are some of the things Republicans have done to make life better for us:

No raise in the minimum wage

Cutbacks to the food stamp program

Silencers legal on center-fire high-power rifles to kill deer

Legalizing fireworks in the state

Charles Koch, in the next two years, is willing to spend $400 million to keep the Republicans in the White House and Congress. He wants more tax cuts for the wealthy and an end to all union and worker rights. He wants the Environmental Protection Agency eliminated because they have fined him millions of dollars for polluting our air, water and land. He plans to spend an untold amount of money in Iowa to keep the governor’s office and Republican majority in the legislature, guaranteeing that legislators he has bought and paid for in the past remain in Des Moines.

When you see attack ads against the Democrats, they are mostly based on the fabricated lies paid for by Koch and his allies. When I think of all the politicians that are now owned by Charles Koch and the lobbyists for companies that manufacture fireworks, Proverbs 17:23 comes to mind: “The wicked take secret bribes to pervert the course of justice.”

Merle Wilson


Shortly after the election of Trump the Courier editorial board felt he deserved a chance. I disagreed knowing what he is and what he represents. I’m certain I am not alone in these feelings. He does not deserve respect, nor the chance to keep up the societal carnage that he has already initiated with his coercive, bullying, Machiavellian style. He had no political power until many who were suffering from feeling no control of their lives or economic problems succumbed to the “whiskey drum beat” and voted for him. It was their privilege, but I still wonder why. However, it was far reaching in that it gave the Republican party a chance to do the social damage that is inevitable with them. They are guided to keep the money flowing to the haves. That leaves the crumbs to the rest.

Now, how do we go about getting rid of the “liar-in-chief?” There are social practices of protest, dissent, mockery, satire and critical commentary by the press. People have to keep in touch with their representatives and senators. Hopefully we can limit the damage that is bound to happen. Then too, remember the ballot box. It works both ways.

William Wignall


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