During this time of Thanksgiving, MANY THANKS to all past and current veterans, all law enforcement individuals, all First Responders, all Fireman - Thank you for your service in keeping us safe and protected.

Darlene Vorhies

American Legion Auxiliary #47, Fairfield


There needs to be no mistake. The investigation into Donald Trump and his conduct needs to be done. Regardless of political party, the president should never be allowed to use his office to request investigations by forgien governor's of his political rivals. To create the appearance of wrong doing by rival. And the defense used for these actions is "the Dems aren't fair". Not that it wasn't done. Attack those who threw up red flags instead of learning the truth. This is the ends justify the means logic be the Republican party. And history has taught us how that ends. According to Trump everyone else is lying. It's the same as all the other issues this administration has. Trump didn't drain the swamp he has merely polluted it further.

Douglas Griffiths


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