Time is running out! School starts in less than seven weeks. All seventh and eighth grade students need immunizations before the first day of school. For seventh graders the immunizations include a meningitis shot and a tetanus shot that also has pertussis (whooping cough) as part of the vaccine. Seniors need a meningitis vaccine. There are optional vaccines that are available.

Recent high school graduates who are headed to college may also need immunizations. Please check with the college you will be attending to find out what they require. If you are in a health-related field you may also need a TB test.

Seventh grade students in Ottumwa need a physical exam prior to starting school. All students in seventh through 12th grade who participate in sports or cheerleading also need a pre-participation sports physical as required by the Iowa High School Athletic Union.

Please call your health care provider to schedule your appointment today.

Dr. Debra Miller


So many people prefer to take their medical problems out of town to complete the procedures they need. My husband and I would ask them have you thought about staying right at home for what you need?

I recently had a total knee replacement surgery completed here in Ottumwa. Dr. Bradley Scott performed the surgery at Ottumwa Regional Health Center. The hospital staff made my entire experience comfortable and certainly professional. Any need I had was met immediately and most satisfactorily. I never worried about the outcome of my surgery. Dr Sanghvi, Dr. Scott, Nusaybah Ismail, PA, and all the hospital staff involved took wonderful care of me. My physical therapist at South East Iowa Therapy is progressing well — what a caring, professional community they are as well!

Too often we hear negative stories about medical care here in Ottumwa. I experienced just the opposite and I want to applaud our medical community and express my thanks to them.

We do have a fine medical presence in Ottumwa, and I’m grateful that we do. Thank you.

Su Brown