Iowa has laws for a reason. Did the Bloomfield City Council violate laws and other state and federal laws when they held a public hearing Thursday, July 20, 2017 to eliminate 41-55 parking spots around the Bloomfield square by refusing to allow several members of the public to speak at the public hearing?

Several business owners, people representing adjoining landowners and other concerned citizens were not allowed to speak by a certain council member (who had no authority) at the city council meeting which had only three out of five council members present and no mayor present at the meeting.

Excuse me, I thought the reason for the provision in the law for a public hearing was to allow the public to speak, ask questions and to be allowed to voice all of their concerns.

I personally demand the Bloomfield City Council cease violating Iowa’s laws, other state and federal laws, have the public hearing all over again for the first reading, and that a certain council member resign immediately.

Ken Turner


One advantage of a long life is the knowledge you acquire along the way. Some of it good and some of it bad. I had the knowledge of watching this country going from one of third world to the strongest, richest and most powerful nation ever to exist. Then let it fall to start at the beginning. Why. Our greed and ignorance. Our belief that it would last forever. No nation makes it past 200 years except this one. But our time expired. Self rule is the most difficult to control. We elect persons at our level of smarts or just below. Suffice it to say after a few years we have elected some who is just above the level of grade school. Companies fall for the same reasons. We elevate ourselves to a point of no return. We see only the ground before us. The moment one is elected to a public office it is their belief the IQ rises. Most times it falls the ego gets in the road of clear thinking. We fall for the false belief that we are a nation of freedom. Nothing is farther from truth. We believe it because we are taught. This nation has over 350,000 laws, torts and misdemeanors. One can never do as they desire for they find a law forbidding it. We have more freedoms than many others but are not completely free. Nor can we be if we were we could not exist. This nation has more people under the age of 25 in prison, jail or on paper than all nations combined. We have more laws in Ottumwa than is absolutely needed. To feel needed the office holders arise with these stupid laws many of which restrict, bind. And impedes progress or makes the public irate which begins another story.

Max Hulen


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