What can a person do to protect their privacy from peeping toms that use a security camera to watch their neighbors and post pictures on the internet, to get their kicks off? I know someone that their neighbor has security cameras pointed directly towards the neighbor’s home and watches their every more 24-7. Takes pictures and posts them on the internet with rude remarks.

They are told that nothing can be done about it because it is free air. I don’t know what this person has against their neighbors besides jealousy and wanting to be in the neighbor’s shoes and wants the husband and normal kids. The person is a whacko pervert. On top of taking pictures and posting them, the whacko killed a tree by pouring something on it, copies the way she dresses, decorating around her house, among other things. The person has to be crazy or has too much time on their hands, or not happy with the way their lives are, that’s why they watch and photograph the neighbor’s life 24-7. The only thing I can say is get a life.

The purpose of security cameras is to protect your property or you, not watch your neighbors and dream of their lives. You made your life, deal with it whacko.

A quote from the Bible: “Do unto others as you want them to do unto you.” Don’t be surprised if someone sets up a camera pointed to your home and watches your every move and posts it on the internet 24-7. You’ll never know when.

Ella Minella


Over the last year here have been numerous accusations of sexual harassment against both political and high profile individuals. I definitely do not condone this behavior, but I can’t help but notice that there seems to be a double standard based on who you are. The accused all handle the accusations differently. Some flat out deny it, some accept it and apologize, some are forced to resign or give up their positions and some are even charged with criminal offenses.

Where I do see the double standard is in the case of our president, Donald Trump. Most recently, Nate Boulton was accused of sexual misconduct and forced to remove himself from the Iowa governor’s race. He apologized to the women and promptly pulled out of the race. Remember, at this point they are strictly accusations. He’s even being asked to step down as a state senator by both Democrats and Republicans.

On the other hand, Donald Trump has been accused of sexual misconduct by numerous women and was rewarded for his actions by being elected President of the United States. He was even on national TV making sexually harassing remarks just days before the election and was still elected president. Why was he not forced to step down based on all of the sexual misconduct accusations against him? The most recent accusation comes from a porn star, even possibly paying her $130,000 in hush money to stay quiet about an affair that he allegedly had. Once again, I realize all of these are just accusations against Trump at this point, but it seems odd that he is still the president. Everyone else seems to have to suffer the consequences of their actions. He continually denies and creates distractions, calls people names and blames the media, even though he was on tape saying that he can “grab them by the p***y [sic]” because he’s a celebrity.

Even that situation seemed to have different moral standards. Billy Bush was fired and Donald Trump went on to be elected president with the unwavering support or religious conservatives. He even tried to deny it, saying that it wasn’t his voice on the tape and his wife, the future first lady, dismissed as “locker room talk.” Really? Why is it that everyone else seems to be held to a higher standard than the most powerful person in the world?

Terry Shannon


As more and more business open in our downtown area we are seeing new life come to what was a close to dead part of town. The city would make you think that it is a dream to be a business owner during this new and exciting time. However, the construction on the Canteen Alley has shut down the parking garage forcing business owners to park on the street. This has come with police marking and checking every car that is parked on the street and issuing tickets to business owners and employees that are just trying to make a living. The alternative to parking in the street is parking in the large lot that is at least four blocks away from almost every downtown business that would be utilizing the parking garage that is closed at the moment. So are these business owners expected to not only help enrich the city, but also be forced to either walk with all the supplies they would need to work a half a mile or more, or move their vehicle every two hours in fear that our police are going to ticket them for doing their work. To me this doesn't sound like the city appreciates our local business as much as they would want you to believe.

Eric Garland


Previous letters leave no doubt I am a liberal progressive. Republican ideology does not have a common ground. They are big on tax cuts that add to the deficit to favor the wealthy and the corporations. Defense spending is disproportionate to discretionary. Have you looked at the defense budget? President Eisenhower warned us about a military-industrial complex and how it can control politics, etc. We are there now, and it should frighten you. We will be very fortunate to save the important social programs we already have. Needless to say, we have already paid a terrible social and environmental price for what is going on in our government.

I know I’m not going to change anyone’s mind unless they want to. It’s just the way we are, and we have a right to our beliefs. It would be nice if we quit bickering and met each other halfway.

The other thing I would remind you of is you have a voice in your vote. Be sure you exercise it. Make sure it is well thought out.

William Wignall