The City of Eddyville planted trees on Friday, April 20, with help from employees of Germ Ethanol Division of Cargill and Ajinomoto Hearland. Parks and Rec., citizens of Eddyville and city employees all working together to plant trees to celebrate Earth Day.

Ogle's Greenhouse of Albia ordered the trees and then the fun began! Planting was done at the City Park, Mini Park, Frog Pond area, and Highland Cemetery.

It takes a lot of teamwork and time to plant trees - digging the hole, placing the tree at just the right depth, filling in around the tree, and making sure each one is staked and mulched correctly. The last step is to get them watered and watering will also need to be done throughout the year.

Trees are always an energy-efficiency benefit. By adding more trees and replacing the diseased ones, we will also create more shade and make our community more beautiful.

It is just amazing what a city can do when the community and industries work together. Many trees were planted, in many areas and many wonderful volunteers made this a very successful project!

Fran Kato


If you have been paying attention to what’s been going on at the state level, you should be very concerned about the decisions our elected officials are making. They are spending money like crazy and then they want to cut important programs to pay for their poor decisions. Mary Stewart is a great candidate that is working to be the Democratic nominee for State Senator from District 41. Mary is attending events all over District 41. Mary would love to meet you, answer your questions, and hear your concerns. Mary is my choice for Senator for District 41. Get out and vote at the Democratic Primary Tuesday, June 5. You can also vote via absentee ballot which begins Monday, May 7.

Mary’s priorities are all about people and will be fighting for job training and apprenticeship programs, funding our public schools, fixing Medicaid, protect rural healthcare for women and their families, the rights of workers to form unions and collective bargaining, and incentives for rural economic development. Mary believes in the people and communities of southern Iowa and believes in a positive future for both and that hand-in-hand we can ensure that southern Iowa remains a great place to live, work and raise our families. With Mary Stewart as our state senator we can accomplish those goals and more.

Mary is running for the Iowa Senate because she believes southern Iowans deserve a better deal than we’ve been getting in Des Moines. Southern Iowa deserves the best and that's Mary.

Kathy Courtney


The next primary election is almost upon us and I would like to encourage citizens to vote for Mary Stewart for the Iowa State Senate Democratic candidate on Tuesday, June 5.

Why Mary Stewart? We need a person who truly cares about the people in our second district that encompasses Wapello, Jefferson, Van Buren and Davis County.

First, Mary listens to people. She began her campaign for the Iowa Senate a year ago, and has taken the time to attend public meetings in cities and counties in order to understand what the local issues are in each of the four county areas. This builds relationships already. Second, Mary is a leader. She leads by valuing the people around her, and would be a true public servant working for the common good. And, finally, Mary is a learner. I have seen her consistently asking questions, researching critical topics, and meeting at various locations in our four county area. There is no doubt Mary Stewart has the energy, conviction and vision to become our next state senator!

This four county area deserves a candidate who is a listener, a leader, and a learner. For too long we citizens’ needs and concerns have been ignored. We need a voice for our rural area and cities in the Iowa State Senate! Please vote for Mary Stewart for the Iowa State Senate Democratic candidate on Tuesday, June 5!

Miriam Jones Kenning


Though I’ve only known Mary Stewart personally for a couple of years, it didn’t take me long to learn that she is a smart, compassionate woman who values family, friends and community. I have also come to appreciate her ability to listen to the concerns and opinions of others, to engage in thoughtful discussion before making decisions, and to recognize the importance of maintaining — and in some cases restoring — opportunities for all Iowans when it comes to education, jobs and health care. A lifelong resident of southern Iowa, Mary Stewart has no agenda other than working hard to protect the lives and futures of rural Iowans. If you’re looking for a state senator who is intelligent, responsible, compassionate and concerned about those of us in southeast Iowa, you need look no further than my friend Mary Stewat.

Cheryl Cox


I have known Mary Stewart since 1984 when I moved here with my family. I have always been impressed with Mary’s knowledge of government and how she could work with it to help her students at Indian Hills Community College. She has always been alert to what is going on with the state legislature and how the laws passed affect the students and the families of Iowa. In the last few years we have talked politics more often and I could see that something was driving Mary to get involved so that she could really help make a difference for the good of the people of Iowa.

I have always admired Mary’s commitment and passion for her job with Indian Hills and I have seen this same commitment and passion as she has taken on this campaign. One of the first things she did was to seek out people in business, education, health and other areas who could express their thoughts on the various political issues that concerned them. She wanted to learn as much as she could about these and how voting for or against them would affect her constituents. This is just one of the reasons we know she makes herself accountable.

Because Mary is a good communicator, I like discussing the issues with her. She has inspired me to become more knowledgeable and aware of the issues as well. It is not surprising that these discussions often lead to creative thinking of ways to solve problems.

Mary impresses me with her honesty and integrity in sincerely wanting to be a part of the solution to problems that face the people living in our area. While she is empathetic, she thoroughly explores the issues and considers all sides before making a decision on what would be the best way forward. We are lucky that Mary Stewart is willing to take on the responsibility of senator for the Iowa legislature for our district. Let’s get out the vote for her!

Barb Lindenmayer


The movie “Coal Miner’s Daughter” brought to mind a coal miner’s granddaughter, Mary Stewart, your candidate for the Iowa Senate. Mary’s maternal grandparents immigrated from Croatia to Centerville to work in the coal mins and were a huge influence on her life. At 14 years of age she lived in rented rooms and worked while finishing high school. These humble beginnings shaped who she is today and her desire to become your state senator.

Mary sets herself apart from today’s typical politician in the following manner:

Listening. She would much rather listen to your concerns than talk about herself.

Compassion. Those humble beginnings have translated into a truly caring person. She is dedicated to finding solutions that respond to the needs of her constituents.

Education. Mary’s career at Indian Hills Community College uniquely qualifies her to become your next Iowa State Senator.

Please join me in casting your vote for Mary Stewart on June 5.

Gordon Aistrope


As a consumer protection attorney in southeast Iowa for 27 years dedicated to helping families from all walks of life who are experiencing financial distress, I've seen the devastating effects of staggering health care costs, a dismantled mental health care delivery system overburdening our law enforcement and hospital emergency rooms, stagnant wages, gutting collective bargaining, slowly starving our K-12 public education and so many more issues critical to Iowans’ well-being. So, I appreciate the unique expertise and empathy that medical doctor, businesswoman, and gubernatorial candidate Andrea “Andy” McGuire brings to the table in tackling these problems with effective, affordable solutions that benefit all Iowans. Iowa needs a governor like my friend, Dr. Andy McGuire.

Andy’s a team player, leads by example, and truly cares about all Iowans. Last summer, Andy and others, including local state senatorial candidate Mary Stewart, knocked on doors to ensure neighboring Iowa House District 82 elected a solid leader like State Representative Phil Miller. Andy knows we need common sense, down-to-earth people in office — those who put people before profits.

We need a governor who pays attention to southeast Iowa and embraces us as a vital part of our state. I believe no other candidate from either party has worked more to engage all of Iowa than Andy McGuire. Andy’s visited Ottumwa businesses, IHCC, community and mental health agencies, etc. Andy was also the only Democratic gubernatorial candidate to take the time, make the effort, and travel 500 miles to visit all four of Iowa’s Democratic District Conventions. No other candidate did that. She did. That speaks volumes about Andy. She shows up for all of us — young, old, city, country. That’s the kind of governor Iowa needs.

She walks the walk. She does the work. She’s working hard to earn your vote the good old-fashioned Iowa way. Waterloo native, mother of seven, from a family of eight, a WWII veteran’s daughter, Andy was told she couldn’t be a physician because she’s a woman. Nevertheless, she persisted, worked her way through medical school, and is committed to improving the lives of all Iowans.

Please visit her website I believe no other candidate is more ideally qualified to be our governor. Early primary voting has begun. If you’re a registered Democrat, or even if you aren’t, you can still register at your county courthouse. I urge you to vote for Dr. Andy McGuire.

Paul Gandy


Editor’s note: The Courier’s deadline for candidate endorsement letters for the June 5 primary is noon on May 23.

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