This letter is the second in a series from the Ottumwa Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) in celebration of May as Historic Preservation Month. Mayor Lazio proclaimed, and the City Council adopted, that resolution on May 1. The HPC wishes to share our mission to preserve beautiful, historic places with area residents.

The National Register of Historic Places is the official list of American properties worthy of preservation. To win a spot on the National Register, a property must meet the National Park Service criteria for age, integrity, and significance. A building must be at least 50 years old and look pretty much as it did originally. It must be significant of engineering, architecture, landscape, or be a potential archeological site. Significance may be social and cultural, as a place where historic events or activities took place.

Property owners can point out to the Historic Preservation Commission a place they believe meets those criteria. The Ottumwa HPC can help gather the necessary resources and connect you with the State Historic Preservation Office. The State Office will help evaluate the property according to the criteria and will provide guidance in creating a nomination. Often, successful nominations are prepared under contract with an architectural historian like Ottumwan Molly Myers Naumann.

When a nomination is complete, the HPC will present it to the Ottumwa City Council for first review and approval. The state National Register Review Board has second right of approval. If the state certifies the nomination, they submit it for final review by the Keeper of the National Register of Historic Places. If the nomination is accepted, the property is listed on the National Register within 45 days.

A wealth of information is available on the National Park Service website at and from the Iowa State Historic Preservation Office at

Being listed on the National Register of Historic Places is an honor that Ottumwa has achieved 23 times for Historic Districts and for individual properties. Please come back next week when HPC member John Ohlinger will describe Ottumwa’s honored Historic Places.

Brenda Case

Chair of the Ottumwa Historic Preservation Commission

There are two main reasons I’m so strongly in Ed Malloy’s camp.  First, he’s created a big tent here in Fairfield.  Despite the broad spectrum of political and philosophical differences here, he has done a great job in finding the common ground on which people can agree and with which progress can be made.  Ed has helped bring Fairfield and Jefferson County great success in areas like economic development, increased population, and a stronger tourism base.  It is well worth reading his positions, which are very specific, at

Second, with his long experience as mayor and city council member, he is acutely aware of the impact the state legislature and executive branch can have on small towns and rural communities.  That’s a perspective he will bring to the Iowa Senate.

We need someone like Ed, with strong experience and a local-impact perspective, who can build common ground in Des Moines.

Randy Dillon


As a longtime health practitioner, I am pleased to support Mary Stewart for state senator. Mary is energetic, engaged, thoughtful and approachable. She believes in improving our health care system to assure high quality, affordable and accessible health care for all Iowa residents. She will work to protect access to rural health care for women and their families. She will also work hard to fix the Medicaid privatization nightmare. She will push for increased accountability of Medicaid managed care organizations. She will work to reverse the harmful effects Medicaid privatization has caused for many beneficiaries due to reduced services and denials of care, including the frail elderly, developmentally disabled individuals and working families with young children. She will also advocate to increase support for health professions loan repayment and other programs to attract and retain doctors and other essential health care professionals to southern Iowa.

Her experience as an administrator at Indian Hills Community College, where she worked collaboratively with many regional partners, will be invaluable to her as a legislator. She will bring fresh ideas, a great work ethic and a fresh start in representing southern Iowa in the Iowa State Senate.

I encourage you to support Mary Stewart for state senate. Please vote for her in the Democratic primary on June 5 as well as in November. She is the right person for the job and this is the right time.

Peter J. Reiter, MD


Fellow Dems, lend me your ears!

Two words define Ed Malloy’s candidacy for State Senator: Experience and Achievement

I can tell you, having worked with Ed over 20 years on the Loop Trail & Maasdam Barn projects, having watched him as mayor in countless city council meetings that he is a master at waiting until the exact right moment to summarize a situation or call for a council vote. I can tell you that he is extraordinarily balanced as a human being and that he has won the respect of locals as a leader and man of integrity.

I have read some wonderful letters of support of behalf of Mary Stewart. She sounds like a terrific person and someone of great integrity as well.

Ed, because of his years of experience in local and statewide government, has a vision of possibilities and know-how that Mary just doesn’t possess. Ed has a myriad of statewide contacts, friends, and legislative associates. Given a chance, he could build some incredible coalitions with huge, positive outcomes for the state, such as his recent coalition building to help Iowans clean and transform their impaired waterways.

While I applaud everything about Mary, it’s extremely rare to find someone these days in politics who has  the vision, integrity, experience, and track record that Ed has. As I’ve aged, I lean more towards pragmatism:

I think Ed Malloy is the more experienced legislative candidate and has the best chance to win in November. 

Ron Blair


Wapello County has one of the highest rates of food insecurity in Iowa. The Lord's Cupboard,  the Food Bank, the First Presbyterian Church monthly food and others do a good job addressing the needs of the hungry with the limited resources that they have.

Unfortunately,  all of these food distributions occur during daytime working hours.  This means that if a hungry person who works at an hourly job, who makes too much money to qualify for food stamps, and who cannot take time off during the work day cannot access  any of these. 

In the above context, I mourn the loss of the monthly Albia Road Baptist food distribution,  which had to shut down because of insufficient funding.  This food giveaway,  which ran from 6 to 8 PM once a month, did help the working poor.  It was my favorite  volunteer activity. 

If some church or other group would "step to the plate" and establish an evening food distribution, not only would it address the needs of the working poor, it would also free up people who work daytime jobs in which they cannot get away, to become volunteers.

Dennis Wegner


This is Don Kirkendall, retired Wapello County Sheriff, and I am supporting Mary Stewart in the Democratic primary election on Tuesday, June 5. It is time to have a state senator like Mary Stewart who is concerned about the safety of our citizens and can see the need for funding for training and support of adequate law enforcement in the rural areas, towns and cities we live in. For example, we need to have adequate funding for the E-911 centers throughout the state of Iowa to provide the emergency services that are needed for everyone. Adequate law enforcement funding allows us to possess a better quality of life for all citizens. I know Mary is committed to work toward these goals of rural development and growth.

Please join me in casting your ballot for Mary Stewart on Tuesday, June 5 in the Democratic primary election.

Don Kirkendall


I would like to encourage you to vote for Mary Stewart in the upcoming Democratic primary election on Tuesday, June 5.

I’ve known Mary for over 30 years. Mary was born, raised and educated in southern Iowa and has never wavered in her beliefs. She believes in people. I have seen her determination when working with people in different capacities as an educator and community member. She never quits finding solutions to problems and is always extremely kind to all. She’s the “real deal!”

It will be exciting to have someone at the statehouse who will be determined to accomplish positive legislation for this four-county area. Mary believes in supporting public education. This she understands from her many years of experience because of her work at Indian Hills Community College, where she was a job training specialist and administrator. She understands how jobs and education go hand in hand, keeping a skilled labor force in this area.

Please vote for Mary Stewart on Tuesday, June 5.

Dave McMillan


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