Please accept this as a letter of support for Ed Malloy as he continues his road to become an Iowa State Senator.

Ed has been a leader in our community of Fairfield, Iowa since he arrived decades ago. Serving Fairfield as a city councilor and then the leadership as mayor of Fairfield. This understanding of how government works is at a very high level. He communicates very well with the population he serves. He has the ability to get things done. His family has been very supportive of his efforts.

I have had the privilege of working with Ed since the inception of the Fairfield Arts and Convention Center as two of the lead fundraisers for the center. We have also had the opportunity to work together in the planning of the Highway 34 bypass corridor as the chair of the committee appointed by the mayor. Ed’s participation in the coordination of The Blue Zones initiative has made Fairfield a recognized force in grass roots innovation. The Fairfield Entrepreneurs Association is another to be recognized for its success. Ed has mentored numerous other businesses.

Two local businesses have grown with the opportunity to be investors together in their guidance and direction.

Every community activity that Ed has served has found great mentoring from him and has experienced success. I feel that the vision and leadership that Ed has shared with Fairfield and Jefferson County can carry forward to innovation and direction at the state senate.

I tip my hat to Ed and wish him continuing success on the road to Des Moines. It is an honor to have him as a colleague and a friend.

David A. Neff


We are writing this letter of support for Dr. Mariannette Miller-Meeks for Iowa Senate. We have known Mariannette for many years and have personally witnessed her hard work and dedication to her community during this time. Mariannette has strong family values and conservative principles. 

We know that Mariannette will represent our community in the Iowa Senate with honor, dignity and integrity. She will ensure that our voices are heard in the State Capitol regardless of ones political affiliations. Mariannette is a critical thinker and problem solver and uses a common-sense approach to resolving issues. 

Dr. Miller-Meeks practiced in the Ottumwa area for many years in Ophthalmology. Her patients know her skills and caring endeared her to them always putting them first. She will again put her constituents first.

Several years ago Mariannette served as Director of the Iowa Department of Public Health and now is the time to send her back to Des Moines as our State Senator. We are proud to support Mariannette Miller-Meeks and encourage you to vote for Mariannette for the Iowa Senate on June 5.

Keith and Trudy Caviness


We are fortunate that Ed Malloy is a candidate to be our state senator in the upcoming Democratic primary election on June 5. Ed has 25 years of experience working on the city council and as mayor. He is intimately familiar with the issues and politics of how to further our interests at the state capital.

Ed has worked closely with many state agencies to support our community and all of southeast Iowa. He is a true leader who has impeccable integrity, clear vision, and a genuine desire to serve all of the people of our district.

A compassionate and open-minded listener, Ed cares deeply about each resident in our district and represents a diversity of backgrounds and views, including farmers, factory workers, and business owners. He deeply understands and will work to address the important issues facing our state such as water quality, budget constraints, economic progress, education, mental health care, and the needs of our seniors. A champion for public education, affordable health care, and families, and he will be our champion in Des Moines.

Under Ed’s leadership we have seen remarkable results as a community working together to achieve economic progress. We have a new library, new recreational center, new civic center, increased population, outstanding police and fire departments, and progressive education. We have been recognized state wide and nationally for good health, sustainable energy, and quality of life. Ed has worked tirelessly over many years, outside of his full-time employment, to serve the community and achieve these results.

Although Mary Stewart is a fine individual, she has never held public office and has no political experience. Ed Malloy has the knowledge, skills, experience, and leadership ability that can best represent us. We could not find a more qualified candidate. Let your voice be heard in this important election.

Fred Swartz


I am writing this letter to support Dr. Mariannette Miller-Meeks for the Iowa Senate and I hope you do too. I have observed Dr. Miller-Meeks in various committee meetings and I have always been impressed with her leadership ability. She is a take charge kind of person without being pushy or arrogant. She is able to make those around her feel at ease during a difficult situation. I have seen times where she is able to assess a problem quickly, formulate a plan of action, implement a solution, all while convincing those who had disagreed with her to follow her lead. She is able to do this in an agreeable and professional manner without attacking others personally. I have never known her to be vindictive or disagreeable to those who might disagree with her or who might be opposed to her ideas. That is real leadership and that is the kind of leadership we need in the Iowa Senate. Please join me in voting for Dr. Mariannette-Meeks on June 5 for the Iowa Senate.

Linda White


I am writing in support of Ed Malloy’s candidacy for the Iowa Senate.

Over the time of Ed’s service for eight years on Fairfield’s City Council and 16 years as mayor, his steady, effective, inclusive and visionary leadership has helped guide Fairfield’s progress.

In my work with Ed as a member of the commission he empaneled to create the Fairfield Go-Green Strategic Plan 2020, I gained a deep appreciation of why Ed has been so effective as a leader. He understands how to wield political power in a way that unites rather than divides, makes people feel heard and appreciated, and invites anyone with a good idea or passion to work collaboratively toward worthy goals. He has all the other technical knowledge and skills to develop wise and fiscally responsible public policy, but his exceptional ability to draw people together of different beliefs and viewpoints in service for the common good is what I appreciate the most.

He is a master of the art of top-down, bottom-up leadership. This particular skill is what I feel is most needed now in our state government. If elected, he will also be one of the few senators with long experience in leading a city government. He understands firsthand how state policy translates to impacts at the local level. With his communication, convening, and negotiating skills, I believe he will be particularly effective in helping his colleagues focus on policies that can have broad bipartisan support and a truly positive impact on our state. He is also a fierce competitor who aims to win, and projects the authority and integrity that inspires confidence.

I am looking forward to his great contribution as our representative in the Iowa Senate.

Bob Ferguson


I am writing this letter of support for Mariannette Miller-Meeks for the Iowa Senate. I have known Mariannette for many years and have gotten to know her very well. In her many work experiences as a registered nurse, physician, military officer, small business owner and director of the Iowa Department of Public Health, she has consistently proven she has what it takes to get the job done. Although Mariannette has lived all over the world during her 24-year military career, she chose to establish her medical practice and raise her children in Ottumwa. I think our community is very fortunate to have someone of such high character, integrity and moral courage running for the Iowa Senate. And, like me, I appreciate that Mariannette has experience managing a small business. She knows what it is like to make payroll, deliver a quality work product and provide excellent customer service. She understands the many issues facing small business, especially business managed by women who are often simultaneously raising a family, participating in a child’s school events, being involved in church activities and caring for elderly parents. Mariannette understands the many issues facing our communities and she is not afraid to tackle these problems head-on. You can always count on Mariannette doing the right thing. I strongly encourage you to join me in supporting Mariannette MIller-Meeks and voting for her June 5.

Sigrid Helgerson


To the person who took my mother’s pink geranium:

I was so hurt when I saw that the hanging basket of flowers I gave my 100-year-old mother for Mother’s Day was missing from the shepherd’s hook by her kitchen window.

You know who you are.

Out of respect for yourself, your own mother and your family, stop being a thief.

A tearful daughter.

Barbara Goetz


Throughout the years Ottumwa has nominated individual structures and districts for inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places. The city of Ottumwa recognized the importance of preserving significant historic structures and began this process before the Historic Preservation Commission was created in 1990.

Individual structures and districts are often identified due to their significance and history in the development of a community. Individual structures and the year listed on the National Register include: 1) Federal Building/Post Office, Court at Third Street, (currently City Hall) — 1976, 2) Wapello County Courthouse, Court at Fourth Street — 1981, 3) Foster/Bell House, 205 E. Fifth St.— 1983, 4) Ottumwa Public Library, 129 N Court St.— 1984, 5) Benson Block, 108-112 North Market Street—1985, 6) 1st National Bank, 131 E Main St. — 1995, 7) Jay Funeral Home, 220 N. Court St. — 1995, 8) Benson Building, 214 E. Second St. — 1995 (recently burned and will be removed), 9) B’nai Jacob Synagogue, 520 E. Main St., 10) YWCA, 133 W. Second St., 11) CB&Q Depot (Union Depot), 210 W. Main St., 12) Hofmann Building, 101 S. Market St., 13) Hotel Ottumwa, 107 E. Second St., 14) Garner Building, 222-224 E. Second St., 15) Jefferson Street Viaduct, Des Moines River at Jefferson, 16) Edgerly Cemetery Gates, North Court Cemetery Entrance. Two structures that are eligible but not currently listed include St. Mary’s of the Visitation and Ottumwa High School.

Historic Districts in Ottumwa feature many different styles of architecture—Craftsman, Queen Anne, Neo-classical, Tudor Revival, Italianate and High Victorian Italianate, Colonial Revival, Mediterranean Revival, to name a few. Brick streets, limestone curbs and flagstone walls are also significant structures in several districts. Historic Districts that have been listed on the National Register include: 1) Ottumwa Cemetery Historic District — 1995, 2) Vogel Place Historic District — 1995, 3) Court Hill Historic District — 1998, 4) 5th Street Bluff Historic District — 1998, 5) Railroad Historic District, 6) North Fellows Historic District (Post-WWII Brick Structures Grouping), 7) Greater Second Street Historic District (Businesses), and 8) St. Joseph Hospital Historic District.

The Historic Preservation Commission continues to identify structures and districts as they become eligible. They also continue to promote education and history as well as assisting in policies that affect the historic districts. Tours of historic districts have been held in the past and will happen periodically in the future.

John Olinger


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