Mary Gaskill doesn't vote to represent her district. We need someone to put Wapello County first.

She voted against voter ID.

She voted against the tax cut bill.

She has voted against the bill that requires law enforcement to comply with ICE detainer requests.

She voted against wastewater treatment financial assistance program.

She voted against water quality bill.

She voted against sale of fireworks.

She voted against limited nuisance damages against livestock farmers.

She voted against use of deadly force when deemed necessary.

She twice voted against voted against increases in K-12 education budget.

Cherielynn Westrich supports:

Election integrity and voter ID to keep our elections safe and accurate.

Iowans keeping more money and making choices of how it is spent for their families.

Second Amendment and gun owner rights. She is a member of NRA and holds a concealed permit to carry.

Safety of citizens and supporting law enforcement.

Agriculture and clean water.

Education including vocational training, shop classes and project training classes. Support of K-12 and Indian Hills Community College.

Working to keep our trained youth in southern Iowa.

Small business expansion and increasing jobs in our area.

Cherielynn Westrich will put Wapello County first.

It is time for new leadership. Join me in voting for new leadership Westrich for Iowa House, November 6.

Trudy Caviness


As someone who is not into politics, I prefer to know the personality of the candidate. I am the wife of Reuben Neff, who is running for county attorney and I want the voters of Wapello County to know a little more about my husband’s work ethic and morals.

When we first started dating, Reuben worked 10-12 hours a day, often times skipping his lunch and working part of the weekends. When we moved to Ottumwa, he continued to work long hours, familiarizing himself with his cases. One thing that Reuben would always repeat to me, after working a tough case or even after a successful trial, was that he wished he could do more. He resigned from the Wapello Attorney’s Office because he realized that the only way to bring a lasting positive change was to run for County Attorney.

For the past three months my husband has been door knocking in the rain and hot summer heat. Even though he’s the only one, he does not rush through his visits. He chats with each individual as long as is needed because he is unwilling to sacrifice quality for quantity.

My husband is the trusted change we need because he won’t let questions go unanswered. He won’t work the bare minimum and call it good enough. He won’t let violent crimes go unpunished. He will do everything in his power to make Wapello County safer.

Sheila Neff


In a time when emotions are running high, anyone can observe that the political opinion section can be mean, hateful and sometimes untruthful. We need to ask ourselves which values do we support and want to live our lives by. What values do we want in our Iowa representatives.

After attending most of the League of Women's Voters Forums, reading Senate File 45 (IPERS) which by the way is dead and not to be reintroduced, and talking to literally hundreds of people, I have made my decision on who to vote for the Iowa House District 81.

I am voting for Cherielynn Westrich. She is refreshing, positive and energetic. Cherielynn listens to and cares about all the people in Wapello County and will represent us unconditionally. She is not funded by special interest groups that seem to care only about their personal paycheck regardless of the future outcome of other taxpayers.

Cherielynn makes decisions based on both sides of the aisle and will bring moderation and common sense back to the House. Her decisions are not made by unfounded fears or a chip on her shoulder. Cherielynn is fair to all and respectful to all and her voting will reflect that.

I have no doubts about her ability to lead because she is fantastic!

We need a representative like Westrich in our corner who shares the principals of southeast Iowa.

My vote goes to Cherielynn Westrich.

Viki Wilson


Rather than make rational arguments, the Democrats used fallacies to oppose the nomination Brett Kavanaugh. In using one fallacy to justify another, they expose themselves as sophists.

Democrat Senator Chris Coons said on 24 September of the unsubstantiated allegations against Kavanaugh that he "now bears the burden of disproving [them]…”. In saying this, Coons’s assigns a presumption of guilt on the nominee and commits the argument from Ignorance Fallacy by regarding the allegations as true simply because they have not been proven false.

Democrat Senator Charles Schumer later used a fallacy of ambiguity to justify this by claiming the presumption of innocence is for "criminal trials” while the hearings were to "find the facts,” as if the two were mutually exclusive.

Presuming guilt permits anyone to bring any number of allegations, while the presumption of innocence forces those making assertions to demonstrate a sound basis for claims. The former can go on forever, while the latter is limited by proof. Clearly, presuming innocence is conducive to finding facts, which is what Schumer said the hearings were for.

All this makes the Democrat position irrational and contradictory, but many positions they have are now like this. The Democrat Party Chair, Tom Perez, has called a socialist the “future of our party,” while Co-Chair Keith Ellison wore a shirt in a parade this year saying: I don’t Believe in Borders – socialism and open borders. The Democrats are not the party they use to be; don’t be fooled by their deceptive arguments. Vote Republican for jobs and America first.

Dave Faybik


I am writing to support Mary Stewart for State Senator. Mary is deeply knowledgeable in educational and economic development issues from her long career at Indian Hills Community College. She is a tireless worker who has spent countless hours in the past two years meeting and listening to residents throughout District 41, and she will represent our area well in the Iowa State Senate. She studies complex issues carefully. Unlike her opponent, she seeks out the opinions of others, listens thoughtfully and learns from these discussions. She works well with groups of people and is very experienced in building coalitions and regional partnerships. These skills will add to her effectiveness as our elected state senator.

I look forward to voting for Mary Stewart for State Senator on November 6. Every vote counts. I urge you to make your vote count by choosing Mary Stewart.

Mary Ann Reiter


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