I am voting for Dr. Mariannette Miller-Meeks this November for the Iowa Senate and I hope you do too.  I met Mariannette many years ago when she became my eye doctor. Since then I have watched her demonstrate her leadership as a veteran, business women, Director of the Iowa Department of Public Health, and to her community. I know she will make a great Senator for our district. During all of these roles she has remained caring and trustworthy. The citizens of Southeast Iowa need strong leadership to attract new businesses, stable careers and more opportunities for our high school and college graduates. Iowa has made progress the last few years so lets not retreat back to policies of the past. Please vote for Mariannette Miller-Meeks for the Iowa Senate this November.

Clifford A. Smith


Are you as tired as I am of hearing about all the despicable qualities certain political candidates possess? The primary means of campaigning now days seems to be a contest to see who can sling the most mud at their opponent. I propose that, as voters, we approach the forthcoming election as employers, seeking to hire the best person we can to work for us and not as judges for a popularity contest.

Two individuals are presently applying for the job of state senator. I’m sure both are quality applicants, but as employers we would certainly benefit by hiring the one better suited for the job. One of the best ways to judge a potential employee is to examine their background and persona history to determine their qualifications and work history.

I hate to hear candidates says “I’ll fight for this!” or “I won’t allow that!” as if they are running on a single issue or they are the only person with the right idea. It seems to me there is already enough fighting in the political realm now days. I’m ready for some work to get done.

I have no negative comments about her fellow applicant, but would urge my fellow voters to consider the work history, determination, experience and qualifications of Dr. Mariannette Miller-Meeks. I believe she is the most qualified to serve us and our state. As employers we would be wise to consider the fact that by growing up in a large family, Dr. Miller-Meeks certainly learned the value of compromise without sacrificing principles. By working her way through the educational requirements to become a medical doctor and serving her country in the United States Army, where she rose to the rank of lieutenant colonel, she has shown the work ethic, intelligence and drive to be an outstanding employee. In consideration of the responsibilities, tasks, and positions she has held and fulfilled, there can be no doubt she is the employee I will vote to hire.

Mike McDonough


It is time for a change in the office of Wapello County Attorney. Numerous serious crimes have been plea bargained down to a lesser charge instead of going to trial. This year to date, 10 filing deadlines have been missed and in previous years the number has been even higher. By comparison, the Monroe County Attorney has only missed one in eight years! Make no mistake, those attorneys and staff working the Wapello County Attorney’s office are not at fault. The problem is lack of leadership from the current county attorney, Gary Oldenburger.

Reuben Neff comes to Wapello County with eight years of trial experience, successfully handling everything from juvenile crime to death penalty cases. Reuben Neff has successfully argued before the Florida Supreme Court and in his eight years of experience has more trial experience than the rest of the Wapello County Attorney’s office combined. Reuben Neff’s background will present new approaches for trial preparation, meeting filing dates, and management of the Wapello County Attorney’s office. In addition, Reuben Neff is fluent in English and Spanish.

Recent crimes in Wapello County, including murder, attempted murder, burglary, and confrontations with police have not been prosecuted, but plea bargained with little or no input from the officers involved. The Ottumwa Police Department Union has unanimously endorsed Reuben Neff for Wapello County Attorney. These professionals have been left to deal with the failings of the current Wapello County Attorney, Gary Oldenburger.

It is time for a change. My vote is for Reuben Neff as Wapello County Attorney.

David MacKenzie


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