Iowa Consumer Advocate, Mark Schuling is opposing Alliant Energy’s smart meter rollout at an Iowa Utility Board hearing Nov. 5 in Des Moines. Attorneys General and state utility boards around the country have opposed smart meters due to many studies showing no cost benefit. Smart meters average millions of dollars more every year that would come from customer rate hikes.

Smart meters cost about six times more than current analog meters, with one third the lifetime, plus the multimillion dollar initial expense to replace 481,000 working analog meters.

Studies show that the faster outage reporting Alliant claims doesn’t result in faster service restoration.

U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry has warned about serious dangers to America’s security from the smart grid and smart meters. So has former CIA Director James Woolsey calling the smart grids “stupid” on national TV (along with many other cyber security experts and institutions).

The ACLU and many others oppose smart meters for privacy violation. A $2.2 trillion /year data market is expected, with utility companies making even more profits from selling detailed customer personal lifestyle data, Alliant says it will not sell data, but Alliant reps repeat, “We may change any policy at any time without notice.”

Although Alliant’s planned opt out meter has been proven acceptable for health, Alliant’s proposed opt out proposal has multiple severe requirements.

Oppose Alliant’s smart meters by emailing or use IUB’s form:

Einar Olsen


Marianette Miller-Meeks, who is running for the Iowa Senate, has our household’s support. We believe that a true test of a person’s character is doing something for someone else that doesn’t benefit them self personally. Firsthand we have seen Dr Miller-Meeks come to our home in Stockport on her way home from her practice at the end of the day to check on the welfare of our family member. Dr Miller-Meeks’ compassion for a senior citizen who had difficulty with mobility and had issues with eye pressure assisted us with keeping a handle on it with no personal gain for her. Dr Marianette Miller-Meeks is a woman of good character, stable, keeper of her word, concerned, compassionate for others, a caring person to help someone without personal gain. We believe that is what is needed for the Iowa Senate. Dr Miller-Meeks has proven to us a she will be a committed, trustworthy, no-nonsense person to do the right thing on the behalf of the citizens of Iowa.

Gordy and Pamela Oliver


I am writing today in support of Mary Stewart. In all of my encounters with Mary, I am so impressed with how well she listens to people and gathers their thoughts and concerns. Mary has put her political platform together based on what she hears, what she has experienced first hand in thirty three years of working in education, and all of her years living in southeast Iowa. I remember the day when many of us marched in a labor rally in Ottumwa. Both John Deere and Hormel workers were experiencing safety issues, loss of benefits, and threatening pay decreases.

These two factories provided employment for many families in Ottumwa and surrounding rural areas. The changing job market since those times has required a different set of skills. Mary’s whole career has been one in support of the working class. Mary has worked front and center to provide Iowans with job readiness skills, vocational training, and providing economic development opportunities.

I write this letter in support of Mary because I believe all people should have equitable education opportunities so they are prepared to enter the job market of today. Productive citizens working a full time job should be making enough to provide for their families. In turn, people can afford to spend money and feed money back into our economy.

This simple pathway works for all people and Iowans win.

Big companies that we lure to Iowa should not be about tax breaks. I want companies that come to Iowa because of a highly trained workforce and work ethic that Iowans have always been known for. Mary is the candidate with these ideals. She has the leadership and experience to make this happen. Please join me and vote for Mary Stewart and the other Democrats on the ticket on or before November 6.

Jane Ragen


I’m voting for Holly Brink on Nov 6. I encourage your readers in Iowa House District 80 to do the same.

Simply put – Holly Brink gets southern Iowa. She should – she’s a life-long resident. She knows firsthand the struggles and rewards of business owners in our area – because she IS one. She feels the difficult economic realities faced by farmers. She and her husband own and operate a farm, yet both work regular jobs to make ends meet and provide for their young children. She knows that the positive future of our great state depends on our children receiving the best education possible – while also making sure that southern Iowa taxpayers receive the best value for their educational investment.

All I really know about Holly Brink’s opponent from her debates is that she seems terribly worried about losing her IPERS. I don’t know why. The Republican Party of Iowa’s platform makes no mention of “gutting” IPERS. Governor Kim Reynolds relies on the same pension system for her own retirement, so it seems silly to think she would want to defund it. Yet, this dire fearmongering concern is trumpeted by McDanel and her Democrat cohorts as an actual issue. Sounds like scare tactics and fake news to me.

By the way, two more great things about Holly Brink - She’s as Pro-Life and Pro-Second Amendment as they come.

Help vote this enthusiastic southern Iowa voice into the Iowa State House to represent us.

Vote Holly Brink.

Thanks for listening.

Edwin Brand