Here we go again.

After three failed congressional runs, Mariannette Miller-Meeks packed her bags, left Ottumwa and took her ophthalmology practice to Burlington. After spending the last few years practicing in Burlington, Mariannette decided to dust off the old yard signs and failed policies and come back to Ottumwa so she could run for office a fourth time.

Although the office she’s seeking is different, Miller-Meeks’ tricks are the same: dodge questions, pretend to be a moderate, independent leader, and tear down the opponent with baseless claims.

Miller-Meeks’ latest claim is that her opponent, Mary Stewart, supports opening our borders. Aside from the fact that state legislators have no say in border security and that this a blatant scare tactic to distract from Miller-Meeks’ lack of new ideas, it’s curious that she would criticize anyone on borders, since she clearly has no regard for the borders of this senate district.

After her three failed attempts to leave Ottumwa for Washington, Miller-Meeks abandoned Ottumwa for Burlington. Miller-Meeks doesn’t care about borders. She’s just another self-serving politician who’s looking to get ahead at any cost. If given the chance, she’ll head to Des Moines and won’t look back.

On November 6, vote Mary Stewart for State Senate. She’s not running for office to get out of Ottumwa. She’s running for office to make sure Southern Iowa gets its fair share. Mary Stewart will fight for us in Des Moines, and she’ll never turn her back on us for her own political gain.

Kathy Courtney


I am writing this letter to endorse my friend, Mary Stewart, for the Iowa District 41 Senate seat. Mary is a true southeast Iowan, born and raised in Centerville. She has lived and worked among the people of the area her whole life; thirty-two of those years spent in administration at Indian Hills Community College. Mary owns a house in this district, and actually lives in it.

Mary believes strongly in public education, and will work to support the smaller school districts in our corner of the state by fully funding neighborhood schools. She knows that affordable and available medical care is a right for all, not a privilege. Working to fix the problems that have arisen with the privatization of Medicaid and protecting the access to rural health care for women will be among her top priorities. She wants to address the problems of clean air and waterways in our state by working together with agricultural and commercial entities in our area. Protecting collective bargaining and the rights of workers to form unions are backbones of her agenda.

For nearly two years, Mary has traveled to Wapello, Jefferson, Davis, and Van Buren counties getting to know the residents and listening to their thoughts and concerns. When she is elected she will listen and work hard for you every day. Mary is an ordinary person seeking to do an extraordinary job.

Please vote for Mary Stewart for Iowa Senate District 41 on November 6, or by early voting right now at your courthouse. You won't be disappointed.

Carol M. Carlson


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