If I was to describe Mary Stewart in one word it would be genuine. Mary Stewart has tirelessly traveled the district not politicizing but listening to the concerns of her constituents. Mary Stewart understands that politicians can not properly address a problem until they understand the problem. Mary Stewart’s background in education, and economic development puts her head and shoulders above Marianette Miller-Meeks. Mary Stewart has heard and felt the pain and anguish of our broken health care system, and understands this is a moral issue not a political issue.

It is clear the Medicaid privatization has been a disaster for patients, providers, and hospitals, and the only ones benefitting from it are the out-of-state insurance companies that are making hundreds of millions of dollars from Iowa, but only Mary Stewart has committed to ending the privatization disaster and putting care back in the hands of Iowans.

I hope you will join Phyllis and I by voting for Mary Stewart for Iowa Senate on November 6 or any work day at the court house.

Gordon and Phyllis Aistrope


Time for change!

Jobs for our children will allow them to remain in our community. Many times when students can’t find jobs, they move away. Cherielynn Westrich supports enhanced education. She will bring back vocational and shop classes to local schools.

Many of our businesses claim they have a shortage of people to employ because of skill levels. Iowa Workforce lists over 800 jobs within a 30-mile radius of varying levels of skills.

Cherielynn Westrich will work with businesses and industries to help match needs with skills needed.

Cherielynn is a tradeswoman herself building cars, welding and a small business owner. She has toured Job Corps, understanding the great benefits to our area. She has been supportive of bringing the Future Ready Iowa Summit to Ottumwa, and the Ottumwa High School program Sparktank. Innovative teaching ideas increases our work force.

Vote November 6 for Cherielynn Westrich for Iowa House! She will work hard to bring good paying jobs to Wapello County.

Keith Hill


The Ottumwa Public Library gets by with a little help from our Friends … actually, we get by with a lot of help from our Friends! Established in 1995, our Friends of the Library group has given thousands of dollars through the years to fund children’s programming, provide new furniture, contribute funding for new and emerging technology, and help maintain our Carnegie Library.

Every year they work with the Greater Ottumwa Convention & Visitor’s Bureau and the Bridge View Center, Inc. to sponsor the Pages for Pennies Book Sale and donate all of their proceeds back to the library.

October 21-28, 2018 is the 13th annual National Friends of Libraries Week, and it’s the perfect opportunity for the administration and trustees of the Ottumwa Public Library to give our Friends a big shout out for all they do to make a difference for us every single day.

We know the Friends are always looking for new members and volunteers.  They have so much fun while working to make our community better.  It’s easy to join, just call or stop by the Ottumwa Public Library for more information. 

Joining the Friends of the Library is a terrific way to make new friends of your own, and give back to our town and make its library even better.

Sonja Ferrell, Director, Ottumwa Public Library

Anyone can claim that they are qualified or have the experience to do a job. The best way to check those claims is to hear from the people who work with them. Both candidates for Wapello County Attorney claim to have the necessary experience to prosecute crime and manage the Wapello County Attorney’s Office.

However, only one candidate is endorsed by people who worked directly with them.

Gary Oldenburger has prosecuted in our county for seven years, and won an uncontested election to be our county attorney four years ago. Despite that, law enforcement chose through the Teamsters Local 238 Union to back Reuben Neff for Wapello County Attorney. Law enforcement’s opinion about a prosecutor matters, because officers make the arrests that lead to the charges filed. They testify in court and provide information about the crimes committed.

Our police officers are key players who often assist the county attorney by collecting evidence for prosecutions and know the strengths and weaknesses of their cases from firsthand experience. The county attorney is one of the few elected officials who directly helps us in times of crises. Whoever we elect, will fight for our sex abuse victims and our families of murder victims.

Elections are basically a job interview. Our law enforcement officers worked with both candidates for Wapello County Attorney. They stand behind Reuben Neff, and I do too.

Reuben Neff for Wapello County Attorney!

Inez Merle Hill


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